June 24, 2019
Company Culture 20 September 2016
What makes an industry in-demand?
Gisel Malek
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In a survey of over 200 hundred college students, nearly 70 percent of the surveyed students are currently looking for part time or full-time work in the fields of Marketing, Business, Health, Tech, Engineering, and Research

These remain the most mentioned career choices for college students all across the U.S!  There are more jobs that are becoming available each day in these industries and, therefore, a need to get the message across to future candidates.

Here are a few tips to make your industry more in-demand:

1. Be clear about your Opportunities! 

Good talent is becoming harder and harder to find and many companies miss out on qualified candidates because they are not clearly explaining what their opportunities are.  In order to attract the best talent, make sure you are clear about the job positions and benefits available to them. For example; Insurance companies have a really hard time filling openings. According to this NPR interview, only 4 percent of college students seem interested in a career with insurance, even though “Fifty-five percent of upper management are eligible to retire, and so the opportunities to grow within the company are just endless.” Insurance has many open positions in areas like cyber security, which require code programmers. However, most people don’t know that insurance companies are looking for coders, which comes at a huge loss for the company. 


2. Advertise Salary and Growth Potential. 

These are the driving forces for in-demand industries as students want to ensure the ability to pay off their educational debt and have lucrative careers. Stay competitive with job compensation and make sure candidates know your company’s career pathway and how they will be progressing through your succession plan. It’s important to know how to avoid unqualified candidates so that it doesn’t affect your company’s organizational culture.


3. Overcome Industry Stereotypes

According to this site, nearly one-third of in demand hiring is done in sales. Sales especially has a negative connotation to it for many candidates because when most people think of sales, they think of low paying jobs and no work/life balance. In sales, you also have the opportunity to work with closely with the marketing department as they bring in leads for you. There are many successful sales associates that don’t fit into the stereotype of what a typical salesperson is, but not many younger job seekers are educated on that. Also, not many candidates are aware of the sales opportunities at companies they aspire to work at like Yelp, Facebook, and Snapchat. Aside from great earning potential (bonus plus commission), you get to communicate with many people, making connections and developing interpersonal skills.

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