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JOB HUNT / 04 February 2019
How to Stop Procrastination When Job Hunting
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Britta Greenhalgh
Marketing Assistant
JOB HUNT / 11 December 2018
Qualities Graduates Should Possess While Applying for a Job
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Michelle Lambert

WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 26 November 2018
7 Ways to Create Communication Culture in the Workplace
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Serena Dorf

JOB HUNT / 05 November 2018
How to be Self-motivated When Searching For a Job
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Erica Sunarjo
Guest Poster
CAREER / 20 March 2018
Making a Career Change? Here’s How to Craft Your Resume
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Tiffany Rowe
Marketing Administrator
CAREER / 12 July 2017
How to Remain Optimistic During the Job Hunt
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Kelly Nguyen

Getting rejected from a job, Staying motivated, productivity, internship, job, bouncing back
JOB HUNT / 14 December 2016
So, You Didn’t Get the Job. 10 Motivating Tips to Help You Bounce Back
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Gisel Malek
Content Marketer
Leader, Leadership, Working on a Team, Work Relations, Job, Communications Skills, Decision Making
SKILLS DEVELOPMENT / 14 December 2016
10 Traits of Leadership Every Job Candidate Should Have
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Gisel Malek
Content Marketer

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NO CATEGORY 04 June 2019
Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer
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Jeff Smith

Millennials are known for job hopping, but is it true? The telling factor may have to do with jobs not matching their goals and interests, making a different job seem more attractive. Since 43% of millennials plan to leave their job within the next two years, it’s critical that they know how to evaluate a job offer to make sure it’s the best fit.
Taking Your NYR to the next step
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Laurie Larson

How are those New Year’s resolutions you set coming along? Around this time of year, most people have already fallen off the wagon. And we haven’t even made it through the first quarter of the year! The world is moving at a fast pace. We run the risk of losing the race if we don’t keep up. That doesn’t mean stressing yourself out about all the things you haven’t done. It just means finding ways to work smarter to achieve your goals.
How to Improve Your Productivity at Work
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Kurt Walker

Unless you’re one of the very lucky few people who has never had problems with their focus and productivity, chances are you have had days that have ended with the feeling that you didn’t really do much. If you’re as conscientious as me, such days feel like an absolute waste and leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. If you’re one of those people that subscribe to the maxim that time is money, then you probably want to make the most out of your time, which means you want to be as productive as you can every day.
5 Ultra-Effective Ways to Work Smarter, not Harder
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Carol Duke

One of the major hindrances to working smart is poor time management. By managing your time well, you can order and approach your tasks with more efficiency. Here are some tips on how you can make slight changes to the way you handle responsibilities and grow your business without increasing your workload.
11 Habits That Can Absolutely Transform Your Productivity
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Lucy Benton
Whether you are still in College or starting a new job, it can be challenging at times to stay productive. There are so many things that need to get done but have you found yourself starting to get overwhelmed and burnt out? Have you found yourself wanting to watch Netflix all day because there is just not a piece of motivation left in your body? What can be done to help you stay productive?

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