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WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 14 December 2016
10 Useful Tips to be Happy at Work
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Sharon Lee
Branding Intern

Stressed? Want to give up? A lot of people whether they are at work or school are easily unhappy because of the amount of workloads they have. But that doesn’t mean you will permanently stay unhappy if you use these 10 helpful tips! 

People who are happy at work are more productive, more creative and more successful overall.”

HERE are 10 useful tips to help you be happy at work:

1.     Positive attitude and mindset

Being positive is the key to happiness! Of course it is hard being positive when there are many stressful things going on at work or outside of work. However, if you practice positive thinking before, during, and after work; it can really make a big difference throughout your whole day. It can boost up your mood and influence you to look forward to what has to come next. Practicing daily on having a positive mindset can make your work enjoyable. Thinking to yourself, “Todays going to be a great day”, “I’m so thankful for today”, “I can do it”, “I’m not going to give up” is a good way to push yourself to being more positive. Another way is to also meditate. What is meditation? Well it is a thoughtless consciousness when you free your mind off of everything going on around you. A quick 10 minute breathing meditation will put you at ease by helping you overcome your stress and increasing inner peace. 


2.     Exercise

Don’t be sitting down and watching TV all the time. Go exercise by going to a local gym or going for a quick jog every day! Not only can it make you healthier and fit, but it releases all your stress from all that sweat. Many studies have shown that exercising can reduce depression and stress, which means it can make you become a happier person. It will give you a lot of physical and mental energy, boosting up your level of happiness and motivation in life. If you don’t have time to exercise outside of work, then you can also “DESKercise” at work. 

  1. Chair squats

  2. Leg raise while sitting down

  3. Desk chair swivel

  4. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator


3.     Reward yourself

Everyone including yourself deserves a reward. What kind of reward? It can be anything that will make you pleased, such as buying a ton of junk food for yourself, going shopping, or watching Netflix. First, you should start by setting up a smart goal for yourself so that it will give you a great motivation to succeed at work. You should think about your short and long-term goals so that you will be willing to work harder each time to obtain that reward every time. 

Rewarding yourself can increase your motivation to work harder and make you feel good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself is an important factor to have, especially being in a working environment!


4.     Be friends with your coworkers

Socializing with your coworkers is really helpful at making your workplace a better place. Having small or long talks with your coworkers will help you get to know them better. This will allow you to build a great working relationship while having mutual connections with each other. Building relationships create better teamwork and it can help avoid any mistrusts or competition amongst your co-workers. On the other hand, having friends at work can increase your motivation to go to work so that you can see them! 

5.     Take a break

You can’t always be working nonstop. You might think taking a break will make you have more piles of work to finish but that is NOT true at all. Taking a break actually increases productivity, which means you can get work done in an easier way. Take a quick 15-minute break during work. You can either check your social media, close your eyes, get coffee or water to help you relax and be more reenergized. Studies have shown that employees that take a break have a higher satisfaction rate with their job and reduces exhaustion. So it is important that you get a break!!


6.     Try to stay away from negative people

Try to avoid people that are always complaining, grunting, and being negative. Staying near them can affect your mood and your overall look of your job, so it can also lead you to do the same as they are. However, you can also give them a lending hand by encouraging them and empathizing them.


7.     Don’t be competitive

Don’t overwork yourself and compete with other coworkers around you. That’s just going to stress you out even more and make you unhappy about yourself and your job. Remember that a workplace is about collaborations and teamwork, not about competing with one another.


8.     Don’t bring your personal problems to work

Thinking about your personal problems at work is not going to benefit you or the problem itself. It can actually cause discontent and affect others mood. There are many ways to keep your problems away from work. Keep yourself busy by socializing with your coworkers, try to think positively (tip 1), and talk to a mentor that can support you and give you advice on your personal problems. 

9.     Be flexible and organized

People tend to be more discontent when they are not organized with their work or their outside life. Stay organized by using a handy dandy planner. Planners are an essential item because it helps you be more organized and put together. You can manage your time by planning out your day or your priorities onto your planner. Also, people tend to use to do lists to help them see what they need to do that day. Another important idea is to organize your workspace. If your workspace is messy and dirty, not only will it make you feel out of place, but it can prevent you from being motivated. Throw away any unimportant paperwork and place your materials in a storage so that your desk will be neat and clean! There are more tips on how to stay organized.



Don’t forget to have fun!! Having fun at work actually makes everyone, including yourself, happy at work.

Make your job more enjoyable by

1.     Participate in activities with your coworkers at work or outside of work. (social events, etc)

2.     Have a sense of humor and bring up jokes to your coworkers when it is applicable.

If people are having fun, they are willing to work harder, stay longer at work, and also look forward to coming to work. A happy and fun atmosphere can create more creativity, which means YOU can work better!


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