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NO CATEGORY / 14 December 2016
4 Reasons College Students Should Consider Sales
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Julie Huang
Head of University Relations

Most college students try their best to stay leagues away from sales. You may think that the closest you have gotten to the sales industry is the part-time sales associate position you had (or have) at the local mall. But sales is in more places than you think and is one of the quickest growing professions.

The dominant perception of sales is that it’s a dead-end career filled with tacky car salesmen or annoying telemarketers. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking sales as undesirable rather than the increasingly lucrative field it is. Some of our country’s top CEOs and leaders started off as salespeople (or are currently salespeople – hey, they could be selling to you right now). Emerging technology has changed the face of sales for the better. To think, you can have your weekends and work normal business hours – that’s the kind of sales I am talking about.

B2B sales are comprised of sales development representatives, who are mainly responsible for prospecting for new business partners and account executives, who are responsible for demonstrating software to clients and win the client’s business. Qualified sales professionals like SDR’s have never been in such high demand. Not only are the salaries great, but there are many lifestyle benefits to the career as well. Check out our top 4 reasons you should make the leap into the sales world.


Growing Career Prospects

Sales are involved in almost all, if not most industries. Most companies rely on selling their products/services to others and to generate income from sales. This means you can get your foot in the door with most companies using sales as an avenue. You can proceed to rise quickly within a company and have the flexibility of switching to another industry if the company is set up to do that.


Never a Dull Moment

When you’re in sales every day will be different. You’ll get the chance to meet new clients and people daily, have opportunities to travel and sometimes have different workspaces. You will build on your interpersonal skills and your confidence. It is said everyone should have at least one sales job in their life, and there is a lot of truth to that. Many future careers, no matter whether it is MarketingSEO, or public relations, will require advanced interpersonal skills.


Flexible Schedule

Not a morning person? Prefer to work a little longer? In sales you are more likely to have the opportunity to make your own day to day schedule. This can allow you to choose when you’ll be on the clock. One of the largest benefits to having a sales job is being able to be off on a Tuesday, go to the bank and wait a whopping zero seconds in line, all while driving around and experiencing absolutely no traffic. Oh yeah! That can make anyone’s day better.


Rewards Rewards Rewards

You will often come across amazing salary packages which will offer base salaries with generous commissions and benefits. You may be offered a low base and realize that you are making two times your base salary in commission! It’s definitely possible and quite common in most B2B tech companies – sales teams make upwards to 70-100k annually! The beauty of sales is the harder you work the more you make. This can’t always be said of other jobs. They call this setting your own salary.


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