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JOB HUNT / 14 December 2016
4 Reasons You're Scared to Start the Job Search
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Chi Chung
Branding Intern

Starting your job search is like getting into a relationship. There is never a right time for it and you never know what to expect out of it. There are an infinite amount of reasons you can conjure up on why you still haven’t started the job search, but that will only prevent you from ever starting it. From being afraid of rejection, to not knowing where to even start, the list can go on and on. Because we live in such a technologically advanced world, applying for jobs can happen with just a single click. There should be no reason for anyone to put off their job search. With this being said, people still find reasons to shy away from starting the job search. Here are 4 reasons why you are scared to start the job search,along with possible solutions to remedy the fear. 


Imagine this. You come across a possible job opportunity, but you think to yourself…. If I was the hiring manager I wouldn’t even hire myself. You look through the requirements that this job entails, and you don’t meet any of them. You are just left there thinking to yourself, “I have no chance of getting this job, why even try??” STOP. If this thought ever enters your mind when you are applying for a job, the chances that you actually apply are slim to none. And you know what they say, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. If everyone has the same mentality, no one will actually apply for the job. There is a fallacy that companies will only hire candidates that meet all the expectations and exceed the requirements they set for the job position, but waiting for such a candidate  is like finding a needle in a haystack. In reality, companies set these standards as a guideline for the “perfect” candidate, but the likeliness a candidate of that caliber appears is low. With that being said, just apply. It won’t hurt you to get your name out there, and you never know which company will find an interest in you.


Have you ever had an idea of what job field you wanted to pursue, but you had no idea where to begin your search? With the abundant amount of resources out there, this should not be an issue, but surprisingly, people still have trouble getting their name out in the job market. In this day and age, two extremely resourceful platforms are LinkedIn and ProSky. LinkedIn allows you to stay in contact with current and past colleagues, while discovering new business opportunities. On the other hand, ProSky gives you the opportunity to learn highly demanded skills, while showcasing your work to potential employers all on one platform. Both these companies start off by asking you to COMPLETELY fill out your profile. I can not stress how important that is. The first impression potential employers will have on you will be your user profile so make sure your profile is indicative of who you truly are. Potential employers will post job listings on these platforms, so make sure you are always on the lookout for new postings.


Time is very scarce. Each application seemingly takes upwards of two hours each. If you are a college student like myself, you know that two hours can be used to study for a midterm or finish that last bit of homework. With such a packed schedule, it is difficult to find time to search for potential jobs. Some days you try to plan a schedule where you have just enough time to look for potential jobs, but one thing leads to the next, and you end up never getting to it. Days begin to pass, then months, and you still haven’t started your job search. Rather than trying to squeeze in your job search throughout your day, try allocating quality time to it. The amount of work you put in an application will show your potential employer how much you truly want the job. 


In such a competitive job market, there are many applicants that apply for every position. It can be rather intimidating to think about the type of people you are competing against. In cases like these, you have to think of the reasons why you are qualified and disregard the reasons why you are not. If you start to doubt yourself, what is going to stop the company from doubting you as well? Rather than worrying about the negatives, focus on making yourself look more appealing to your potential employers. Even if a company has not responded to you in a while, don’t give up. Send that company a follow up email or find a way to contact them and find out what the status of your application is. Exhibiting continuous interest shows the company you are fully invested in getting the position. Doing the little bits can go a long way. 

Do not let fear dictate your life. You never know where or when an opportunity will arise, so apply away. Even the jobs that are seemingly out of reach might be closer than you think. Chances are you will find your dream job where you least expect it. Just keep in mind, in order for others to have confidence in you, you must have confidence in yourself first.