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CAREER / 14 December 2016
5 Criteria to Evaluate a Company
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Shannie Cheng


The tedious resume building, the tiring process of job searching, the excitement of getting replies from companies, the nervousness of doing job interviews and the excitement of getting the employment letter are the steps of getting a new job for recent graduates. Accepting the job offer and signing contracts are the most exciting parts of all since what it means to college graduates is “Welcome to the adulthood.” The joy of getting a job and the dream of “financial stability,” “possession of a new house,” and “having my own credit card” come along as they sign off the contracts.

STOP. Don’t let the joy blind your eyes! Getting a job offer should mean something more than just joy. It should imply that there are some more considerations to be made before you sign the contract. The following lists of 5 criteria should be considered to evaluate the company before you sign any contracts.

• Development of the Industry

Development of the industry is the main business that a company or the client of a company is associated with. In other words, it is the service or the products that a company is selling or making. For instance, Verizon is associated with telecommunication and Google focuses on developing a search engine and Big Data.

A company that focuses on manufacturing and developing regular cell phones is not in the trend of the society. Likewise, usage of 4G and LTE is very common among all the telecommunication companies. A company that advertises itself with best 2G or 3G internet is not in the trend.

Why is the development of the industry important? 

Development of the industry is important since following the right trend of the society will be an extra boost to the company. For instance, the fast growing industry of internet development helps companies focusing on smart phone development, phone applications development, social media, and internet-based businesses such as Prosky to grow. Whereas a company just as I mentioned focusing on technologies and manufacturers of the past or old technologies will experience more drawbacks compared to the others.

• Strategic Direction

The strategic direction of the company is mainly the vision of the company. A CEO that only focuses on making money for himself would be a bad example of a good strategic direction. A CEO with a good strategic direction of the company should focus on growing the company as well as growing all the people in his/her team.

• Company Culture

Company culture focuses on the daily environment of the company. A great company culture should be supportive of all the employees. In a sales and marketing company, a good company culture should support student mentality among all the workers including the co-founders. Learning from each other every day by making summaries, breaking down the day for everybody, identify the hot spots and the pain spots for the employees and help them improve is an example of supportive company culture. Most companies ask top leaders and employees to share their experiences and their strategies every week so that other employees can learn from top leaders and improve at the same time. The atmosphere of the company is the best place for you to practice what you have learned especially the interpersonal skills. Watching how your co-workers contact and connect with others,  how your leader strengthens the team, how your boss manages the company is a way to let you view examples of real-life situations. College knowledge will prove your professionalism but those real-life classes can be learned by watching others. Remember, fake it till you make it!

• Employees’ Training System

Being in a new company without any hands-on experience is tough for all recent graduates since they have found out that what they have learned in school does not solve all practical problems. Therefore, a company that has a comprehensive training system would give all new employees chances to watch, to learn, and to get hands-on experience quickly to get into work is necessary. A good training system should involve a very comprehensive breakdown for each day the employee is in the office. A leader or an experienced employee should be assigned to you in order to give direct and indirect tutor at all time. Online videos and proper training materials should also be given to you for you to get more theoretical knowledge on the cases or the products that you are involved with. But training is not just limited to the technical skills that you need doing a specific job. A good training course is able to offer you both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are measurable, quantitative just like math and computer skills; whereas soft skills are interpersonal skills, qualitative skills that enable you to market yourself such as writing a resume or a cover letter. Soft skills are skills that need experiences to build up, but they can also be learned from other people’s experiences and online training courses from websites such as ProSky. The importance of a good training system is that it allows you to build and learn at the same time.

• Opportunity for Employee’s Growth

Opportunities for Employees are important for you if you decided to stay in the company. A system that supports promotion based on performance and merit will provide you better opportunities than a system that supports promotion based on time spent in the company.Opportunities also include changes in salary and payment for different levels. A company that can identify all stages of promotion and all of the differences among all levels has a good system. Opportunities such as paid business trips, national conferences, and international trips will allow employees to stay motivated and make more of an effort.

Opportunities in a career are important for personal growth; but proper ways of knowing, seeking and getting the opportunities are important as well. Qualifications such as professional knowledge, professional experience, and consistency at work are essential for getting those opportunities. In addition, soft skills such as connections and work ethic are also the main determinants that will help you reach these opportunities.

Again, don’t let all those stress interfere with your joy of getting an offer. While many of you are still worried about getting those professional experiences and “reality” classes, Prosky is here to help with different classes that guide you through your first job and blog posts that offer you tips and answers you may have