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NO CATEGORY / 14 December 2016
5 Ways College Students Can Make a Great First Impression on Hiring Managers
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Tim Elkana

If you’re a college student at the start of a new quarter, you’ll be introducing yourself to around 10 thousand people a day. But you don’t need to fear potentially embarrassing yourself with your introduction. Here are 5 steps you can take to instantly improve your first impression with others!

1. Dress to Impress Recruiters

There’s a detailed guide here, but the takeaway idea here is that what you look like matters to how recruiters and hiring managers see you. Wear a shirt and tie to the office, wear shorts and a tank top to the beach. Dress well for the occasion, and when others choose to take it easy, you’ll stand out brilliantly. 

2. Listening is a Great Behavioral Skill

Some people try to introduce themselves by spewing 10 paragraphs of personal info to others. Don’t do that. You might be the most interesting man in the world, but eventually, people are going to want to talk about themselves- and you should let them. A great way to leave others impressed is to let them talk about themselves. Be recognized as a great listener and people will come back to you. 

3.  Remember to Stay Positive

If your coworker introduces you to a friend who only talks negatively, you won’t be spending any more time with him/her. The same goes for you. If you walk into class hating your morning, disliking your professor, and talking trash about your school, you’ll drive others away. People like to be around others that can cheer them up, and the best way to make a first impression is to have a positive attitude. 

4. Exude Positive Body Language to Hiring Managers

Body language is the way you convey different meanings with how you place your body. This can make or break your image. Crossing your arms, slouching, and walking with droopy shoulders makes you seem unimportant, unhappy, and unapproachable. But a smile, confident pose, and eye contact can make a strong first impression, and help you bridge the gap between stranger and friend. Here are some more body language tips to help you get through that interview. 

5. Practice

Some people are born with the ability to make a great first impression. Some aren’t. In fact, most aren’t. If you don’t practice introducing yourself, you’ll never improve your first impressions. So get up, go to your bathroom, and introduce yourself to your mirror. I know it’s embarrassing but it’ll pay off when you go to a job interview, career fair, networking event, or first job. 

All of these tips can help you to make a great first impression for recruiters, which is really important. However, if you truly want to IMPRESS the people that will be hiring you, you want to make sure you build your skill sets. If you have any spare time (aside from your designated mirror-talk time, of course!) learn a new in-demand skill that will set you apart from everyone else applying for that same position. Most businesses nowadays want well-rounded employees that possess a basic, fundamental understanding of behavioral and technical skills required to succeed in every position. You may not realize it, but many marketers are required to learn basic code like HTML to advance in their careers. If you have a better understanding of SEO as a sales development representative, you can craft search engine optimized emails to your prospective clients.   

Sign up for a training program and get more skills under your belt, so you not only make a great first impression but a lasting one!