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NO CATEGORY / 14 December 2016
The 8 Best "Hidden Gem" Apps that Will Make your Life Better
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Tim Elkana

Tools that make your life easier. I think we can all agree those are the best finds! We have culminated a list of the best, uncommonly-used-but-helpful find apps that will improve your overall productivity as a young professional or a college student. 

1. HabitBull [Android] and Logsit [IOS] 

“New year, new me” -- these apps will help you uphold this phrase by providing you with a visual way to track your habit goals. Every day, you record whether or not you succeeded at a habit you’re trying to establish, such as studying for a particular amount of time or working out. You can even check your success/failure frequency! Start out the year with developing habits that will benefit your future - take a course (like Rails Stack!) taught by a leading industry professional, not a recruiter 

2. Scanbot [Android, IOS] 

Scan your documents with your mobile camera! Scanbot can even automatically upload your scans to iCloud, Dropbox, Box, and other cloud devices, making it easy to keep track of your class notes, past exams/quizzes, or receipts! As a young professional, it is important to keep all your professional documents in a place that is easy to find 

3. Coffivity [Android, IOS] 

There’s something about background noise that helps a lot of us work better. This app makes it easy to achieve your preferred ambiance in the comfort of our own home. Less coffee shop trips = more money saved! Speaking of money… 

4. Qapital [IOS] 

Think of this app as the jar (usually labeled “tattoo” or “Vegas”) you keep on your desk to throw money into every now and then. Using “If-This-Then-That” (IFTTT) technology that connects to your other phone apps, Qapital allows you to customize a set of rules that make it easy to put automatically put money into goal savings, ie. every time you post a photo on Instagram. 

5. Quizlet [Android, IOS] 

Quizlet has been a godsend to me since high school, so I was excited when I found out they created their own app! With digital flashcard sets and different learning options to test your knowledge, this app makes it convenient to study anywhere -- on the bus, in the waiting room, dining hall, etc. You can even search your class name and find flashcard sets created by other students who’ve taken the class before you! 

6. [Web-Based] 

Perfect for those who have a hard time getting up in the morning. When we sleep, our body enters sleep cycles that last about 90 minutes. When you wake up in the middle of the cycle, also known as deep sleep, it’s more likely to experience grogginess and the tendency to click “snooze”. calculates what time you should set your alarm in order to wake up in between these cycles -- ready and refreshed to take on the day! 

7. Pacifica [Android, IOS] We often forget that mental health is just as important as physical health. Keep track of your happiness by logging your moods and thoughts. When you need a chill pill, this app provides exercises to follow along with such as meditation, deep breathing, and muscle relaxation guides. 

8. Mindly [Android, IOS] 

For the visual learners and those who practice mind dumping -- Mindly helps you structure and organize your thoughts into visually pleasing mind maps and collections! Super helpful with brainstorming, project planning, and presentations. 

For a list of apps that are geared toward the "techie" in all of us, take a look at this list we have culminated for youSubscribe to the ProSky blog for more helpful tips on how to succeed and get ahead in your career.