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CAREER / 14 December 2016
900 Miles - What I Learned From Working with Teammates Around the U.S.
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Kirsten Jorgensen

When I first started my projectship with ProSky, I didn’t realize how crazy of an experience it would be. 

To start off, a project is exactly what it sounds like - an online project internship. You can read an explanation about projectships here.

When I started my projectship, I was assigned a social media marketing project for Zappos. The first thing I did was set up a video appointment through ProSky to meet my team! The best part was that these team members could be anyone from the United States. 

I am from Washington State, and in an instant, I was partnered with teammates from Idaho and Utah! 

It was refreshing to see different views from a variety of college students around the US. Each individual brought a unique perspective to the team. Since each of us was from different states, we all brought our creative ideas to the table to craft an amazing plan. It was interesting and exciting to grow my network with other college students, especially from Utah and Idaho! Fortunately, I had a positive first impression because my team was so hardworking on our Zappos projectship! 

I always looked forward to talking with them at each of our video calls to see how all of our new ideas fit together. 

Projectships aren’t only a great way to get experience on my resume, they also allow companies to see what the students can do with hands-on tasks. They allow us to network with diverse people and experience different personalities really helped me grow as a person and respect new ideas each and every day. Teamwork is necessary for the workplace and ProSky fosters this every step of the way. Opportunities are what you make of it, and the sky is the limit!

If you want the opportunity to experience a projectship for yourself and better your chances of getting hired, register for a project with ProSky today!