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CAREER / 14 December 2016
A Look Into why an SDR is Not Just Another "Sales Job"
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Gisel Malek
Content Marketer

It seems like the field of sales has hundreds of different titles that basically mean the same thing, one of which being a Sales Development Representative. So, what is an SDR exactly and how is it different from other sales jobs? 

When it comes to working for a business-to-business company, a SDR plays a huge role in the success of the business! After taking the SDR course through ProSky, I learned just how integral their role is, not to mention unique. Having had past retail experience myself, I thought being an SDR was going to be another “typical sales job.” However, thousands of tech companies like Yelp and Zillow have sales departments. I bet some of you didn’t even know that, but it’s true. Their objectives may include selling advertising packages that will increase their customer’s overall internet presence, making them profitable. That’s where you come in. 

First and foremost, unlike selling a tangible object in person (business to consumer), a SDR is an inside sales rep that focuses on outbound prospecting. Outbound prospecting means searching for the right customers that will most likely be interested in your product. Unlike B2C sales jobs, you want to be pickier about who you sell to because spending the time to find the right clients means you care about delivering a good overall experience to interested parties, void of annoying and irrelevant sales pitches to merely anyone and everyone. It’s also not about getting someone in and out, trying to sell them the most expensive things you have with all the attachments. It’s more about making sure they are provided with the tools or products they need to do their jobs more effectively and yes, making a few bucks in the process!  

At the end of the day, you are selling to other businesses and that means the relationship already extends that of a typical sales job. They may need upgrades, additional tools or tech support over time, which means with proper conditioning they may be around for years and years, staying loyal to your brand and to you as their trusted point of contact for products and services your company provides. 

Some tech companies hire sales people for inbound leads. This means that the company has enough business coming in through their own marketing efforts or brand recognition and need their SDR to qualify those calls and in some cases close those deals as well. However, this is a less common instance.

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The Benefits of Working as a SDR

If all of these are not enough to convince you, consider this: Sales is the fastest way to get your foot in the door at the tech companies you may want to be working at. You can learn all the tricks of success with ProSky’s SDR course taught by those working as SDR’s themselves or having worked as SDR’s in the past and moved on to managerial positions. Get your foot in the door today and let ProSky help you take that first step!