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JOB HUNT / 14 December 2016
Applying For Jobs? Why You Need More than Just a Resume
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Tia James
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A lot of us believe that the formula for getting a job is resume+cover letter+interview=job, but in order to stand out from the other applicants, showing the value you bring to the company is important.

Resumes and cover letters are tried and true ways to land your dream job, because they provide employers with a quick overview of your previous experiences. The idea is, that from these documents, the employer will infer the value that you will provide. But the reality is, that recruiters spend very little time reviewing application materials; they scan and look for things that stand out, so if you aren’t making it sort of obvious as to what value you bring, the employer probably isn’t going to take the time to make those inferences.  

So, how do we stand out and get placed in the hiring pile? We have to leverage the internet and create a digital footprint that connects the dots for the employer. Let’s consider two examples: Applicant A is searching for a full time position. To increase her chances, she applies to as many positions as possible. She reuses the same resume for each application, but makes minor tweaks to her cover letter to tailor it to the position she is applying for. Applicant B has a few positions in mind that she wants to apply for so she spends time working on skills and projects that will benefit her in the positions she’s applying for. She highlights these experiences on her social media profiles and personal website. An employer is more likely to choose Applicant B Here are some tips to help you show your value. 

Learn Some New Skills

The first step is to take some time to learn some new skills. No one is perfect at anything, and we can always learn something new in order to gain an edge or diversify our talents. Whether it’s getting an online certification or reading a new book, we should never stop learning and improving ourselves. I love this feature on ProSky because you are able to participate in projects for a potential employer and practice a skill while showing them your work ethic. If you’re interested you can find more information here

Creating a Digital Footprint

Social media is not only a place to share funny videos and talk to your friends. You can use social media to highlight your interests and expertise. Employers already look at your social media profiles, so why not use this to your advantage. Some ways to do this are to have complete LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. A complete LinkedIn profile includes detailed work experience, a professional summary that explains who you are and what you do, and links to projects or other documents. Twitter is great for consuming and sharing news about your passions and the industry you want to work in, in order to show you are interested and knowledgeable. Instagram can be used to provide insight into your personality or be an outlet if you are a creative person. 

Putting It All Together

Remember that formula I presented at the beginning of this post (resume+cover letter+interview=full time job)? Now that we’ve made it through all of this information, lets change that formula to: value and action oriented resume+strong relevant online presence+strategic interview skills= more likely to be hired. Hazza! Now you are now more equipped to apply to your dream job with confidence!