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WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 14 December 2016
Creating an Efficient Environment to Work In
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Hannah Son
Content Writer
Redondo Beach

Procrastination is too easy and obviously, very detrimental to productivity, so creating a workspace that stimulates efficiency is a significant move. If you work remotely, at home, or have the liberty to customize your workspace, these tips just might help you work harder and smarter. Based on personal experience and some research, there are quite a few ways to promote productivity (and fight procrastination) through your working environment. Two basic elements of a work-friendly environment are sensory satisfaction and positive reinforcement.

Satisfy Your Senses

What surrounds your faculties can affect what you do, how much you do, and how well you do it. When creating your workspace, consider the five senses.

Positive Reinforcements (ie. Reminders)

It is easy to get off track, but reminders are good ways to prevent this from happening— whether they be literal to- do lists or just pieces meant to encourage you to work.

Procrastination versus productivity is an ongoing struggle, but there are several adjustments and personalizations to a workspace that can curb the battle. There are just two basic points to creating an environment for efficiency: stimulate your senses and create moving reminders.

Let Prosky and I know if you employ any of these tactics in your work environment and if they really do improve your experience! Follow up on my blog in July to see these principles in action in my very own workspace.

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