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JOB HUNT / 14 December 2016
Digital Profiles: A List of Must Haves
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Kelly Nguyen

 Paper resumes have slowly become a thing of the past in today’s digital age. Because of this drastic shift, employers have started to hire candidates based on their digital profiles. However, there are thousands and thousands of digital profiles to look at. Your digital profile is important, but ultimately it’s at risk of being just like everyone else’s. So how do you make it stand out? What can you add to your profile to make it more noticeable?

Here are my tips to making your digital profile better and more appealing than everyone else’s:


Add a Professional Profile Photo.

A professional profile photo is worth more than a thousand words. It is essentially a recruiter’s first impression of you. If your profile picture is you a selfie of you at a party with a beer in your hand, chances are recruiters won’t even take a further look at your profile. However, a clean well-put together headshot or full body photo in professional attire will make you seem presentable and more like a worthy candidate of hiring.


Tips to Taking a Great Photo:

-Try to wear professional business attire. You don’t want to wear anything that you wouldn’t wear in a professional business setting.

-Use good lighting! Recruiters want to see your face. Don’t use a photo that is too dark or too bright.

-This picture is about YOU. It’s not about your friends or family members. Try to avoid having too many “extras” in your photo. You want to be the star of your photo, which is why an individual picture of you is best.


List All of Your Professional Achievements/Certifications.

In this section, you can show off all of your professional achievements for recruiters to see. If you’ve gotten things like Chancellor’s Honor Roll, Dean’s Honor Roll, or etc., you should proudly display these achievements on your profile. High marks show recruiters that you work hard and don’t play around when it comes to professional work. Employers are always looking to recruit the best performing students.


A list of certifications will show recruiters that you’ve had technical skill training and have been proven to perform. A certificate or badge displayed on your profile is eye-catching and is more appealing to recruiters. It shows that you have prior knowledge of a skill and are able to apply them to the job. It shows off a great skillset and adds major points to your profile. A great list of business and job related certifications you can get include: HubSpot certifications, Google Adword certifications, and ProSky training course certifications (coming soon!). These are great things to add to your page.


Provide Examples of Projectships!

Do you have a portfolio of work that you’re proud of? Show it off! You can attach images, files, or documents that show off all of the work that you’ve done so far in your educational and professional career. With websites like ProSky, you can show recruiters examples of work you’ve done for your training courses. This will definitely impress recruiters – since it shows off your creativity and skill.

A professional digital profile isn’t hard to create – and if you need more help, check here or take a look at the infographic below.