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NO CATEGORY / 14 December 2016
How Does your Personal Brand Show up On Google?
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Tim Elkana

Don’t Google my name. Seriously. 

Alright if you’ve ignored the advice above, you should now know why social media can be such a double-edged sword. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger can help you develop your personal brand and allow employers to get to know you better.

But if you don’t use social media correctly, it could backfire and end up shooting you in the foot.

The first item that pops up when you Google Tim Elkana is a link to my LinkedIn profile. Perfect. It’ll be the first thing employers look at when they search my name, and it provides an accurate, professional depiction of who I am. If you’re like me and don’t have a personal website, that’s the best site to see. The second link that pops up on Google is… not so great. Take a look at it. That’s my blog. I wrote it when I was in middle school and it’s just as immature, insensitive, and inappropriate as any middle schooler’s mouth when his parents aren’t around. In my case, it’s filled with juvenile rants and profanity. Every time I Google my name and see it come up, I cringe and wish I’d never written it. For me, the issue at hand is that I lost access to the blog and can’t delete it. Still, it was a poor choice and I wish I had known the repercussions of posting whatever you want whenever you want.

So if your mom wouldn’t approve of what you post on social media, DON’T POST IT.

I remember a story one of my friends told me when we were getting Hawaiian BBQ at a food court. Ann (name changed for confidentiality) learned this social media lesson the hard way when one of her employers searched up her name just for fun and came across pictures of her doing questionable things at a party. Fortunately, the employer was understanding and advised Ann to reevaluate her Facebook, but it was both embarrassing and defamatory. It’s not worth it ruining your reputation over a preventable mistake.

In case you’re new to social media or need some advice for posting, here’s a list of what NOT to post online.

Be on the lookout for a full list of what to post and what not to post on social media! In the meantime, learn a lesson from my experience. Don’t put embarrassing things on social media, and whatever you do, DON’T forget your password. 

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