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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT / 14 December 2016
Essential Apps for College Students
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Iman Balagam

College? There’s an app for that. Just kidding. However, there are plenty of apps out there that can help you get your life together.


In the world of business, it’s always helpful to know more than one language. It’s a great resume builder as well. DuoLingo’s free app takes all the benefits of Rosetta Stone and puts it in an easy to use app. You can even use your new knowledge to gain a foreign language credit by taking the CLEP test (College Level Examination Program.)


Worried about the MCAT, GMAT, LSAT? Benchprep uses digital flashcards and other study aids to make sure you’re thoroughly prepared.


It’s the night before an exam and you’re struggling to make some flashcards. Sound familiar? No need for that any more thanks to Cram. Cram allows you to create your own custom flashcard decks. You’re also able to search for pre-created decks on your topic of study.


College consists of writing countless numbers of essays. But thanks to Easybib, there’s now an app that’ll automatically generate citations for you. Just take a picture of the ISBN/Barcode of the book and it’ll input the citation in APA, MLA, or Chicago to your phone. You also have the option to email the citations to yourself. Now there’s no need to google “what does MLA format mean” last minute.


As a self-proclaimed procrastinator, 90% of my study time is spent switching between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This app is perfect for those who are easily distracted. This app works best on a laptop as it restricts your access to distracting websites for a set period of time. Now you can study without the distractions of the outside world.


Nothing increases my anxiety more than class registration. For certain colleges, Courseoff can pull up all of the classes that will be offered before the registration period begins. There’s finally a way to plan your schedule so that you’re prepared when registering. You also have the capability to play with the times and sections on the calendar. Take a screenshot of your schedule plan and send it to your friends so you can take classes together!

Ink flow

There’s finally an app out there for us visual thinkers. This free app allows you to draw out your ideas with the ability to export your creations to JPEG and PDF formats.

Habit List

I was once told that it takes 28 days to form a habit. However, after the fifth day, I forget what I was trying to do in the first place and quit completely. Habit List is an app that helps you form good habits. Each day you can check off a particular task you’ve accomplished and see how close you are to forming a habit. With its flexible scheduling you don’t get penalized for not doing something every day ($1.99)

Sleep If You Can

This alarm is nicknamed "the world’s most annoying alarm" and for good reason. If you find yourself missing your 8 am’s (we’ve all been there) make sure to download this app to save yourself from throwing thousands of dollars/knowledge down the drain. You have two options to silence this alarm 1) shake your phone or 2) physically go to the place in the photo they show you and take a picture. ($1.99) If you need more convincing, here are some great ways to get a better sleep

Everyone wants to do more in less time, and we are blessed to have smartphones to make our lives easier. Nowadays, we use our phones for entertaining purposes as well as studying.   

There are plenty of other apps out there (check out 8 more of our highly recommended apps or 25 of these apps that no students should live without), but these are some of the best when looking to increase productivity. Let us know in the comments below if you have a helpful app that we may have missed!