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NO CATEGORY / 14 December 2016
Hit the Ground Running - Get Started, Gain Skills and Get Hired!
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Tim Elkana

By now, the majority of college classes have begun and school is starting to get in full swing.  "Chill-abus" week is over and even though it seems like summer was just yesterday, it may already be time to start thinking about next summer. Remember, work experience is not just an important part of the resume, it’s THE most important part.  Every school has their own way of helping students enter the professional world, but they are only there if you choose to take advantage of them.  Here are a couple ideas to get the ball rolling so you can be prepared for your next projectship

1. Visit your school’s career services office.

By paying your tuition you should have access to a team that is dedicated to helping you find opportunities to showcase your skills post-college.  They have countless connections and leads for whatever you might be interested in.  Alumni love to help people from their alma mater and the career services can do a great job of getting you in contact with them. They are a valuable tool to help navigate you towards the right opportunities. Everyone has different career goals and should seek out an experience that is unique and catered to them. If you don’t know how to get started, here is a list of must-ask questions the next time you meet with anyone from your career center. 

2. Optimize your skill sets.

Lots of schools put out workshops to help you with your resume, but the most important thing to do is hone in on your skill set before you start filling out those job applications. Take the time while you have it to learn extra skills that will put you at an advantage over other candidates. When it comes down to it, if education and grades and experience levels are the same, the skill sets may help make the difference in getting hired. If you are an aspiring engineer, take a rails stack course or a mean stack course to more well rounded. 

3. Go to a career fair.

This varies from school to school, but many have the opportunity for company representatives to set up a table, give presentations, and answer questions about company culture and the application process.  If you are unsure where you might belong in some of the bigger companies this is a good opportunity to express your interests and academic experience so they can direct you the position you would most enjoy. This is also a great networking opportunity so be sure to make a good first impression with the recruiters you meet. 

4. Find out which recruiters are visiting your school and get in front of them.

Some schools have company recruiter come in on a semi-frequent basis (usually about 1-2 every two weeks) and they are great resources for you to take advantage of.  They come just to answer questions about their company and can look at your resume to give advice. 

So don’t sit back and let the summer sneak up on you.  Get out there, cast a broad net, and find that job that you want to do!  While you’re at it, try bulking up the “skills” section of your resume! 

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