JOB HUNT / 08 February 2017
How to Sell Yourself in The Job Search
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Erica Hipp

At some point in time all of us have been or will be on the job hunt. Whether you’re a graduating college or looking for job openings or a seasoned company employee looking for a promotion, we could all use a few tips for how to impress your interviewee. Here at ProSky we want to help YOU get noticed and hired. Check out these helpful hints and tips to get them to hire you.


Constantly review and update your profile.

Regardless of where you are in life, you should always be thinking of the next step. In order to prepare for that you should keep track of accomplishments, projects, and anything that could take your resume to the next step. Creating an amazing resume will not only get you noticed but also prepare you for the interview.


Rock the Interview

Appearance- Think about the company or organization that you’re interviewing at. Is it a casual place or a white collar atmosphere? Of course you won’t want to roll in wearing a t-shirt and sweats, but try and match the company’s culture that you’re at. Maybe business casual will suffice, or perhaps a suit and tie is needed.



Make eye contact and be prepared. The more prepared you’ll be, the more confident you will feel and employers will like to see that. Start with brainstorming and researching the the company you’re interviewing at. Know what qualities they are looking for in an employee and demonstrate them as much as possible during your time with them. 

Research the company, your potential position. Review the posting so you can show how you're best fit for the position. If you're completing a project ensure you work with your team and that your part is clearly defined. Communicate frequently with your mentor and make a great relationship. Remember to also ask question! Questions about your future role, the company, potential tasks or projects.  Employers like to see that you are interested in the company and the job.


You want to stand out and make a great first impression to your potential employer. If you come prepared, dress to impress, and act confidently you’ll do amazing!


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