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JOB HUNT / 14 December 2016
3 Unusual Ways to Grab a Recruiter's Attention: Hustling Your Way to an Internship
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Tim Elkana

A friend once told me, "Go with the flow and you’ll float downstream."

It’s a great strategy for river rafting -- not so much for job hunting. If you want to stand out and land that dream job, the usual get good grades + career fairs + interviews routine isn’t going to cut it. Here are 3 REALLY effective things you can do instead: 

Ever tried tweeting at a company? Charlie Lloyd did, and he landed a job at Mapbox.  

George Takei and Justin Bieber aren’t the only people who use Twitter -- in fact, industry leaders and company recruiters spend their time browsing the same social networks as you. To hustle your way into a job through social media, start by identifying problems. Then find solutions to those problems and present them in an attention-grabbing, but appropriate, way. 

In Charlie’s case, he noticed that a few mapping companies had issues with their satellite images. He tweeted samples of his personal satellite images to industry-related companies, and Mapbox replied in 3 minutes. Going the extra mile can (literally) put you on the map! 

Send Cold Emails.  

While cold emailing recruiters might be scary, it’s a great way to build contacts and find not-public opportunities. Just ask my friend and hustle-guru Cam Wiese, who successfully cold-emailed the CEO of Snapchat for an in-person meetup. 

Emailing a total stranger sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. Start by doing your research on whoever you want to email; most likely this would be a recruiter for a company you want to work for. After studying their LinkedIn, personal blog, and social media accounts, download browser extension called ContactOut. It is a simple browser extension that helps you find email addresses and phone numbers from 75% of Linkedin users at a 97% accuracy rate.

Now it’s time to get creative. You’ve studied the person and know how they write -- mimic their tone when you write the email. Contacting a PwC recruiter? Go with "Hello Mr/Mrs. _____". Trying to connect with a Facebook hiring manager? Write "Hey _____". Ultimately you’ll want to throw in interesting tidbits of knowledge about the company that only a seriously dedicated job hunter would know. Keep it short and sweet, and close the email with an ask. 

Need a more detailed breakdown? Hubspot has a great article on email outreach here.

Do Projectships

As a college student, I spend too much time worrying about classes. Often I forget that it’s all about skills and experience. You can score perfect 100s on every single exam in college, but without projects or proof, companies won’t be able you distinguish you from the crowd. That’s where projectships come in. 

To keep it simple, projectships are online internships that combine skill training with real company projects. If you can do the math, you know that’s a 2-for-1 experience that’s proven to get recruiters excited about you. The best part? It actually works.  

That was a friend’s reaction when an interviewer was impressed by ProSky’s social media marketing projectship on her resume. And social media marketing is just one course. 

You can learn B2B salesSEOgrowth hackingweb development, and other high-demand skills from real industry influencers. Get your hustle on and sign up for a FREE account today!