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NO CATEGORY / 14 December 2016
Tools for the Motivated Young Professional - Mood Board
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Tim Elkana

Every new job is better and easier when you have tools and items around you - whether in your home or at the office that are essential for every young professional. Here is a list of non techy items that will help you to have more productive days ahead! 

1) Washi Tape - Got boring desk or cupboard edges in your dorm room? Spice them up with Washi Tape! It’s decorative tape that won’t leave a mess and can add some serious zing to your bland room. 

2) LaundryPODLaundry couldn’t be easier. Pour some detergent, add water, and stir. No more dragging your dirty clothes to the community laundry machine. This is a great investment for anyone with no or limited access to a washing machine. 

3) Ironing Blanket - If you’re planning on going to career fairs and interviews, this is a must. Instead of using a bulky board to iron clothes, just buy an ironing blanket that’s easy to use and store. 

4) Folding Nightstand - When you really don’t want to buy a $50 nightstand but still need something to hold your water, books, and alarm clock. Enter the folding nightstand. Here is a great list of some unusual items to use as a nightstand. 

5) Ninja Blender - Blenders are the best multipurpose kitchen asset for college students. Want something healthy? Blend a smoothie. Out of peanut butter? Blend some nuts. No salsa on taco night? Blend tomatoes and garlic and make a healthy soup. This is not just for cold smoothies, you can warm yourself up with the Ninja Blender in the winter months. 

6) Shower Sandals - We can all agree that dorm showers aren’t the cleanest places on campus. Don’t expose yourself to unwanted germs when you shower, wear these affordable and handy shower sandals! Here is a guide to finding your pair of flip-flops

7) Ostrich Pillow - Tired in the library? Don’t just tuck your head in your arms and fall asleep. Nap like a pro with the ostrich pillow. A quiet dark place for your head and cozy crannies for your arms. What could be better? 

8)  Chair Pillow - Combining the best of a chair and a pillow is the chair pillow. You can support your back while you study with the comfort of a pillow, and snug your body into the world’s most comfortable chair. 

9) Brita Bottle - Another combination of useful devices: think water filter plus a water bottle. That’s the Brita bottle. No need to filter your water at home. Fill your bottle with tap water, and let the filter work its magic when you sip. 

10) Rice Cooker - You can’t be a college student without a rice cooker. It’s hands down the easiest and fastest way to make a meal. Add rice, pour water, press a button- and you have steamed rice. Throw in some garlic, onions, or herbs for an extra kick! Here is a list of some of the best ones you can find! 

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If you have some amazing everyday items you would like to share with your fellow millennials, feel free to leave a comment below!