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CAREER / 14 December 2016
Pokemon Go: Above and Beyond Virtual Reality
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Nikolaus Witowski
Branding Intern
Santa Barbara

With the recent introduction of the augmented reality game Pokémon Go, there is no question that it has become a huge part of our society. Pokémon Go has shown us a different perspective of what it means to be a gamer. But subconsciously we are sharpening our networking/strategical planning skills, and understanding the atmosphere of the silicon valley-like business culture simply by opening an app.


Some of you may be wondering how these important skills are fine tuned simply by opening a game and the answer lies in how the game has been created. The ultimate goal of Pokémon Go is to walk around and catch all 151 Pokémon, (excluding those that are not in the game yet of course) and taking over gyms to prove your Pokémon skills, but to achieve this, you almost have to create a team to become the best. This results in networking with others to find a way to beat your opponents.


In my first week of playing Pokémon Go, I would always ask others if they have seen rare type Pokémon in the area resulting in conversations that I would otherwise not have with these people. This led me to meet with someone who was a Nobel Laureate in the field of technology. Going to UCSB I was aware that we had a few people who had achieved such a prestigious award, but I would have never expected that I would actually talk to them. Because of Pokémon Go, we became snapchat friends and now send our latest Pokémon achievements to each other. 


The necessity to network is an important skill and finding a common interest can easily lead to a connection that may become invaluable. With Pokémon Go eliminating the issue of finding a common interest, the hard part becomes eliminated and allows us to focus on the conversation.


Once connections are made, they become an asset to your arsenal, but Pokemon Go doesn’t just stop there. The game also requires the user to think outside of the box and look for a way to strategically get an upper hand within the game and also in the real world.


I am sure that most of us have read a story recently about how a business began to flourish because of Pokémon Go, or the little girl who put down a lure on a Pokestop to attract players to buy her lemonade, but if we think about it, ideas like these far surpass giving a recruiter your resume. The creativity to find a unique solution to a problem places you at the top of any recruiters list.


Even though Pokémon Go gives the average person the opportunity to better themselves in the real world by meeting new people and acquiring skills that are essential in the workforce, the ultimate goal of those who created Pokémon Go was for people to have fun.


Whether it’s going out and catching a brand new species of Pokémon, or simply hanging out with friends and discussing your childhood nostalgia, the essence behind Pokémon Go is the fact that you can enjoy that childhood pleasure that you once sought out. Whether it is the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis, or creating fun memories with people that will last you a lifetime, it cannot be denied that Pokémon Go has brought us closer to each other.

Subconsciously, the creators wanted you to understand this because the traditional job roles are changing and millennials are trying to find a way to enjoy their jobs.


The perfect example of this is the modern millennial workforce and their perception of a career. After all, Google has an indoor slide, Facebook is progressive in social reform, and any company you see in silicon valley has a room dedicated to entertainment for their workers.

I recently joined a company that has this nature called Prosky. As a recruiting platform, we seek out millennials looking for the comfort of having fun while still achieving personal success. Prosky can easily be comparable to the atmosphere that Pokémon Go tries to achieve because for Prosky, the feeling of success is just as comparable to taking over a gym; however, the process of achieving success requires the “thinking outside of the box” mentality. Although I am still new to the company, I feel the atmosphere that surrounds me is to enjoy life and not only have a job, but to make a career.


If you want to know more about ProSky, or the opportunities that Prosky has to offer, you can follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Facebook, or visit our site at


Written by: Nik Witowski