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CAREER / 14 December 2016
Projectships - The Best Way to Gain Experience with a Hiring Company
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Changfan Chen

You may be wondering, "What’s a projectship? What are its benefits? Where could I find one?" 

Those are fantastic questions, but there’s no one perfect answer. Each projectship experience is unique.Just like with anything else, what you put into it is what you get out of it. Projectships can become an incredible learning experience, or they could just become another group activity you completed by piggybacking on your team members (hint: don’t do that). 

In short, it’s something NEW that’s changing the internship game, and is uniquely offered here at ProSky.

To start off, a projectship is exactly what it sounds like: a project internship. Projectships are an excellent way of attracting employers and experimenting with different fields on the job market. It benefits both the employer and the student. Here’s how: 

Projectships give you an opportunity to show employers your soft and hard skills. 

You’re interested in employment, and they’re interested in hiring. Recruiters understand the value in being able to determine whether or not a candidate will be a good fit for the company before they hire them. They have the ability to test for both behavioral and technical skills before they decide to extend an offer to any candidate, putting them in the driver seat the whole time. Projectships allow you to spend several weeks doing research and creating a final presentation for a company. It’s your opportunity to stand out and show them who you are beyond just a resume. 

Projectships help you exercise both independence and teamwork

You’ll be working with a group of four to five students from universities all across the nation. This experience will not only open your eyes to how different people from different schools go about the same project as you, but you will be able to put your leadership skills to good use. Taking a leadership role is not required, but know that recruiters will be able to view chats and communication behind-the-scenes among your group members. This gives you a great way to stand out among the rest. Check out our Co-Founder’s post on how work experience is the best way to stand out among the rest. While the work will be divided among you, the final project is also a collaborative effort. This simulates the work environment; while you have your own responsibilities and complete tasks individually, you’re ultimately part of a team as well to make sure the end goal is complete. 

Projectships allow you to gain practical research skills for future jobs 

All final projects are about a subject applicable to the real world. This means you won’t be tasked with completing four pages of calculus problems. Instead, what you’ll be doing research on may very well benefit you in the future (creating a social media campaign, designing a landing page, etc). The projects are designed to give you a real idea of what the work at that particular company will actually be like. Many times, candidates think they want to get into a certain career until they begin it. Once you actually getting into the day to day of the job, you may realize it's not actually what you want to do. 

Projects help you find your career 

Perhaps you have absolutely zero clue what you want to do in the future. You also don’t want to commit to a summer internship you won’t enjoy. Since projectships only last a few weeks, they are a great way to discover your passions and find out what you really enjoy doing--and what you may want to avoid. College is not cheap, so registering for as many projects while you are still in college and may still give you the opportunity to change your major if you need to. There is a negative connotation to hiring younger professionals and recent college grads because recruiters and hiring managers are led to believe they feel "entitled," but the reason many millennials are job hopping is because they are looking for a right fit just as much as the recruiter. 

Don’t procrastinate--sign up for a project right now!