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WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 14 December 2016
Confidence vs. Arrogance In The Workplace Setting
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Ebony Ohen

We live in a society that profits from our insecurities. We are constantly being fed a standard of beauty to conform to through different mass media outlets like magazines, television ads, even music lyrics and videos. To love yourself and be confident is a rebellious act. How this confidence is displayed can either come off as inspirational or a complete turn off. People say that there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance but I feel the two are worlds apart. Let us explore the glaring differences between a light that shines and one that blinds. In this, we will gain an understanding on how personality traits determine the environment of a work place


One of the most obvious signs of arrogance in a person is a try-hard demeanor. As people, we can always sense when someone is trying too hard or forcing their confidence on us. They’ll do this in little ways that leave us feeling irritated and wanting to keep them at a distance to avoid being infected by the negative energy they bring.

As you can see, arrogance is determined not only by a person’s attitude and actions but how they make us feel (Read more for some more great ways to deal with an arrogant co-worker). A recruiter is not going to want to hire someone who comes off as arrogant because they know for certain that it would affect not only social aspects of the environment but the productivity of the workplace. A confident person on the other hand is a great addition because they make for better spokespeople for the company in how they interact with co-workers and clients. 


A confident person makes for a valuable employee because they not only do everything fully and with confidence but they encourage their co-workers to do the same. People like this improve the overall productivity of any workplace because they make great leaders. Proper leadership is a key asset in regards to any type of teamwork because they make positive contributions such as:

Confidence isn’t something that you just gain overnight. It’s an ongoing process of self-realization. Here are some ways to help you strengthen your confidence.

Confidence is the most attractive personal brand attribute because it makes people want to work with you and follow your lead. When you feel confident about yourself, you naturally emit positive energy in not only everything you do but your interactions with those around you. It’s like an infectious laugh that causes everyone else to laugh. You can start the process of building confidence by seeking encouragement from those around you and by being a positive role model in all situations. 

Need to be reminded how awesome you are? Watch these videos on self-love, self-worth, and happiness. Leave a comment below telling us something you’ve accomplished recently that made you proud!

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