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NO CATEGORY / 14 December 2016
6 Ways You Can Win the SkillUp Contest
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Tim Elkana

Having trouble making your SkillUp video but really want to win the scholarship and $1000? Try out these ideas.

1. Stranger Interviews

Journalism or communications major? Walk around campus, downtown, or wherever with a camera and interview people. Strangers love being asked about themselves, and this is a great way to learn new things about the people in your town. Ask about their work, family, and other fun details. You’ll be skilling up for your future career and this can ease you out of your comfort zone.

2. A Day in the Life

Think you have a boring major? Not so fast! What you think is boring, hundreds other may totally love. Videotape a day in your life from the moment you wake up to the time you fall back into bed. No need to leave your camera on for hours; instead, capture interesting moments like walking to class, fun lectures (in your dreams, right?), work, lunch, meeting with friends, and hangouts!

3. Be a Prankster

Go outside and prank people. That’s right. Pre-med majors, freak out strangers by pretending to operate on your friends in the dining hall. Law majors, set up a fake court trial with your professor. Business majors, sell weird products in the university quad and make someone buy them. Don’t forget to have a friend videotape it all!

4. Multitasking

There’s “watching TV while doing homework” multitasking. Then there’s “learning how to code Java while cross-fitting” multitasking. The first kind is just getting work done. The second kind is truly skilling up. Impress us with your crazy multitasking abilities!

5. Karate Kid Sequence

Want a skill but don’t have it yet? Learn it and show us your progress! Videotape the moment you realized you want the skill, all your steps to learning it, and your face when you can finally show it off. You could be the modern day Karate Kid of coding, marketing, physics, public speaking, or writing.

6. 90 Seconds of Hardcore Studying

Not skilled in anything but studying? Let’s see how good you are. Record yourself studying for a solid 90 seconds straight and you’ll blow our minds away. Unfortunately, being great at studying isn’t going to get you a job. That 4.0 GPA looks good on paper but employers want to see skills, work experience, and applicable knowledge. If you win the SkillUp video contest, you could get a scholarship to a ProSky training course. This will give you real skills, actual work experience, and hands-on education that you can apply to your specific field.

Video entries close on Sunday, October 18th! Find more info and submit your video applications here. If you’re not fully convinced, check out these reasons why you need to join the SkillUp contest! If you want to learn more about ProSky’s promotions, follow us on Twitter

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