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NO CATEGORY / 14 December 2016
A ProSky Success Story: With Ivy Au
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Stefano Ganddini

I could sit here all day and tell you all the reasons why ProSky is worth your time, but I’m a strong believer in showing rather than telling. 

So, instead, I think it’d be more interesting (and valuable) for you to from hear Ivy Au, a student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and former ProSky student. 

Ivy went through ProSky’s Social Media Marketing training and subsequently completed one of our Social Media Marketing projectships. 

I had the opportunity to ask her about her experience, and she was kind enough to share her story with me (and let us publish it here on the blog) in the interview below.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

My name is Ivy, and I am currently a Junior in Cal Poly SLO studying Business Information Systems.

2. Before signing up for ProSky, what were some of the challenges you were facing trying to learn about social media marketing on your own?

Before ProSky, I knew about social media but not about the marketing aspect of it. All I really knew about social media marketing was that it was everywhere on the web and that it was definitely a growing business trend. The social media training program offered me free tools and resources that I never knew existed, that would definitely help anyone who is on the road to becoming a social media marketing genius.

3. Why did you decide to sign up for ProSky?

My colleague recommended me to join ProSky, and would not stop going on about how revolutionary it was. I had the time, and it seemed legitimate. The idea of doing a project for an established company was what really reeled me in.

4. In what ways did ProSky help you and what did you enjoy the most?

First and foremost, ProSky offered me an education and a hands-on project that is relative to the real world and not just a usual class-based set-up assignment. My group and I had a lot of autonomy on how to set up our project. It was definitely amazing to have mentors along the way to look at our progress and give us pointers, guidance, and tips on improvement!

5. How does it feel to have gained hands-on experience working on a real project?

It’s real. It’s not the usual hypotheticals I deal with in school. By the way, my school’s slogan is “learn by doing,” and this ProSky training course is the exact definition of that.

6. Would you participate in another ProSky training? Why or why not?

Definitely! And I actually already have. SEO marketing is an interesting topic that I am excited to learn more about and to be able to put that newfound knowledge into practice.

7. Would you recommend your peers or others to participate in ProSky training programs and projects?

Yeah! It can only really help you. And of course, it looks great on your resume and it definitely sparks an interest at career fairs. I have heard a lot of “wows” and have been given the hard-sought recruiter emails when I brought up my Prosky Social Media Marketing project.Ready for your own ProSky experience? Check out our training tracks or create a free profile to get started on one of our projectships!