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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT / 14 December 2016
The Holy Grail of Hobbies: Improve Your Workability & Skills with These 7 Hobbies
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Anna Martirosyan

In this modern day, competition in the workforce is higher than ever. So what can you do to get ahead? Simple hobbies and habits to add to your life can boost your hard and soft skills, transform your workability, and give you that extra edge when you apply for your next job. 

Back to the books

Keeping up with current events

Brush up or build up hard skills with training courses.

Learning to code

Move, move, move! 

Pause for a minute

Branding yourself online with a digital profile

Next time you find yourself hoping to enhance your skills, try integrating one (or more!) of these things into your daily routine to transform your workability. Whatever it may be, let us know in the comments below!

You just might be surprised how such little things can create big changes in your life. Read our blog for more helpful articles like this!