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NO CATEGORY / 14 December 2016
Thread Wallets: the Perfect Companion for the Simple, Stylish, and Active Traveler
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Jon Miller

The Beginning

Thread Wallets has revolutionized the minimalist slim wallet. I had never used a slim wallet and had always carried around a normal brown wallet, which made me a skeptic of the efficiency and durability of the slim wallet. I figured that there is no way this small of a wallet could satisfy my needs when it came to holding important cards.  As I started the process of switching to the sleek slim wallet, I realized I was pulling out expired gift cards, old business cards, and much more. This made me realize that I actually do not need this bulky brown wallet after all. Thread Wallets created a high-quality wallet that held exactly what I needed and ensured it was secure.


About The Wallet

The wallet I received from Thread Wallets is sleek and stylish with a feel that ensures quality is one of the main focus points. Thread Wallets has style when it comes to the designs. The colors are creative, unique, and attractive to the eye but they are not over-done to the point where it is too much. They hit the sweet spot.

For guy’s one of the most annoying things to do is taking out your wallet every time before you sit down or else your leg will fall asleep due to the big wallet in your back pocket. Thanks to the sleek design of the Thread Wallets, they can easily fit in your front pocket, which is not only more comfortable but also more secure.

Traveling with the Thread Wallet was just as simple as the wallet itself.  The ring on the side of the wallet makes it easy to hook a house key and a car key and then go to the beach or go hiking without the worry of losing either while only bringing the essentials. The wallet is also fantastic for vacations when all you want to worry about is if you put on enough sunscreen, the Thread Wallet lets you rest with ease as you can place a hotel key in the wallet and guarantee it will not fall out.


Final Thoughts 


After only two weeks of using the Thread Wallet, I can safely say that I will be a customer for life. The simple design of the wallet makes it easy to store cards and money while keeping the convenience of a small wallet. It also allows me to stay active without it interfering in my daily life. Thread Wallets has created a slim wallet that is the perfect companion for the simple, stylish, and active traveler.  Check them out here : Thread Wallets