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CAREER / 14 December 2016
Thrive With ProSky (GIVEAWAY)
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Hannah Son
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Redondo Beach

Everyone wants better. Better price, better quality, better life. But how do we achieve better? How does one learn to thrive and not just survive? Thriving means to prosper and develop vigorously. On the other hand, surviving means to remain or continue in existence. Can you ever get “better” if you are just existing? The answer is, no, you can’t. Achieving this seemingly impossible “better” means you have to prosper and develop yourself (and vigorously at that). Here are some ways to help better your life and thrive (physically and mentally) not just survive in any situation and environment you are put in. 

Stay Healthy:

Science has proven that eating snacks throughout the day is a much better alternative to having a heavy mid-day meal. For optimum health and energy, make sure to keep healthy snacks at your desk that you can munch on when hunger strikes. 

Forgo the vending machines in favor of fresh or dried fruits, energy bars, yogurt and nuts. Going several hours between meals can cause your blood sugar to drop and lead you to grab the nearest fast food or sugary treat available. Instead, opt to eat something every two to three hours to keep your blood sugar steady and energy levels up the entire day. Like you have heard before, a healthy body is a healthy mind.

Express Yourself:

Your own personal style says a great deal about the kind of person that you are, what you like, and your outlook on life in general. It also affects your mood and how you feel about yourself. If you are a student, try dressing up for class or before a big test. This can help your brain get in preparation mode and will also be good practice for the workforce. Skip the sweats and try a blazer to boost not only your professionalism but also your confidence!

 You may want to express your own individuality, create an impression on someone special, or just make yourself feel more confident or professional. Whatever your reason, the clothing that you choose each day completes the package that you present to the world around you. If you are reading this thinking to yourself that your corporate office would never allow you to express yourself, then...keep on reading! Just because you wear a suit and tie doesn’t mean you can’t let yourself shine!

Try adding a pop of color, whether it is through a cool watch, colorful glasses, patterned ties or even some fun socks! You should try to achieve a good balance of your personality, your beliefs, and the expression of your thoughts in your clothing. This being said, even in the corporate world, you can find ways to express your true self.

If expressing yourself through clothing is too difficult, try accessorizing your desk space or the walls around you. Check out some awesome wall art from Fresh Prints of CT. Tight on money for wall decorations? NO PROBLEM! Enter in our giveway for some inspirational pencils, wall posters and art prints that can spice up your space whether that is in a dorm, office or at home. 

Learn New Skills: 

Why will this help you thrive? Well, as science and biology have proven,  human beings,  have a natural desire to learn and progress. It’s actually a core need for psychological well being. Learning can help us build confidence, fuel our creativity and a develop a sense of self-efficacy. So...what are you waiting for? Go on! Learn some new skills, take a training course, read some more blogs. 

Plan Out Your Life:

There are times where we convince ourselves that we are so well-organized, when in fact the combination of work, school, family, daily responsibilities, hobbies, social life and events tend to take a toll on our bodies, and more specifically our minds. It is almost impossible to remember all of those important events and daily tasks we need to perform, and because of this, that is where the daily planner comes to the rescue.

 If you aren’t using one at the moment, here are seven reasons to consider using a planner:

Enter in ProSky’s Thrive Don’t Just Survive Giveaway for an amazing Day Designer. According to Day Designer, whether you’re a working professional, full-time mom, or a diligent student, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and pulled in a million directions. Created by Whitney English, Day Designer is a simple and easy system created to help you find balance, focus and productivity. This planner isn’t magic, and it can’t live your life for you. But it can, through a simple, guided framework, help you figure out a focus for intentional living. It can be a trusted tool for setting goals, creating a plan and taking action each and every day.

Now you are equipped with some great ways to start thriving today. Make sure you check out our Instagram page for daily updates of our Giveaway! Read our last giveaway post here for even more ways on how to #ThriveWithProSky

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