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NO CATEGORY / 14 December 2016
Create Your Own Learning Opportunities with Personal Branding
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Gina Apperson

When I first stepped onto my university campus, I knew I wanted to pursue graphic and web design as a communications major. Although we tend to change our majors a thousand times in college, one goal remained true to me: I wanted to learn how to design quality websites for our school’s communications agency. Three years later, I’m doing just that – but I didn’t know what it would take to get there. 

While my classes in the School of Communications prepared me for many real-world experiences, I didn’t realize how much I could learn on my own that would help me succeed in my career. 

Learning to build an online presence. 

Creating a lifestyle and design blog first ignited my passion for all things digital. From there, I started to take learning into my own hands by making and maintaining my own websites and social media channels. While I took some web publishing and design classes, the majority of what I learned about building an online presence came from producing my own blog and working with real clients like nonprofits and creative businesses. 

As my experience grew, blogging became so much more than a way to learn web design. Through blogging, I had opportunities to work with businesses, build my own brand, and understand web communications. I started to use social media channels and chat with professionals on Twitter and Facebook. Even though I studied the best practices of social media in class, navigating the social media waters on my own became so valuable as I could see how social media strategy works in different contexts. By forming these relationships, I was able to start freelancing and working for myself. Building an online presence became a way to learn more about my industry and career path. 

Overall, there are many advantages to creating your own learning opportunities. By building an online presence and using online resources, you can learn:

Working and learning primarily online helped me to fill in the gaps of my college experience; namely, the creative, technical and administrative skills you can gain from blogging, freelancing or owning your own business. Without the help of online tutorials, experience working with real clients and the relationships I gained through networking, my career path would be going in a different direction. 

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So I want to encourage you–think about taking risks during your college years. Look for opportunities to gain experience on your own. Perhaps online classes at ProSky work for you or being a virtual assistant, or starting your own blog. There are so many opportunities out there, waiting for a creative mind like yours!