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JOB HUNT / 14 December 2016
What Happens When You Don't Land the Job?
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Hannah Son
Content Writer
Redondo Beach

Getting rejected can always be a struggle, but look on the bright side, there are tons of jobs just waiting to be applied for. Here are a couple tips to help you move on when you don’t land a job.

Dealing with rejection: You get the rejection email that basically says they have chosen another candidate. Okay, you get 3 minutes to feel sorry for yourself. Then, just move on! Start researching other companies that you would like to work for and apply to those!

Go out with a friend, go do something that makes you happy, one job rejection isn’t going to ruin your life. You gotta stay motivated, keep applying, keep doing things that make you happy and surround yourself with people that will help you.

Reflect on the Situation: After a few days have passed, reflect on the interview process. Underqualified? Shaky voice? Lacked interview skills? What could you do better next time? Although reflecting on failures can be burdensome, it is an effective tool for improvement as an applicant.

Looking at what you gained: The interview practice! You have sent an application, dressed up, prepared for the interview and interviewed. You know the feeling of how nervous you may get before an interview, you notice some things you didn’t like about the company during the interview and you can mark that off your future job hunt. You have also gained experience speaking about yourself and answering questions during the interview about your qualifications and your career goals. Practice does not always make perfect, but it sure makes the process more comfortable and hopefully, you can reflect on the interview for improvements.

Their loss: Think of rejection as them saving you for possibly being the wrong fit for their company. People may go through 20 interviews before they get their perfect job opportunity at a company! You are only gaining professional social skills and the ability to think fast and answer questions in a pressured situation when you get interviews. 

Not every position you apply for is for you, so just think of it as their loss and move on! The amount of motivation and drive you have is what sets you apart and that is how you will get promoted once you start with a company; start practicing that drive now! If getting a job were that easy, maybe it’s not worth it, you have to fight for the job you want and prove you’re the best candidate. If you do get rejected, just remember their loss, and keep applying, the right company will come along and fall into place.

Follow Up: Don’t forget to follow-up after the interview even if you have been rejected. You never know when this contact can come in handy so don’t write it off as a total failure! Send a professional follow-up email to your interviewers, 2-3 weeks after your interview. 

Thank them for the opportunities, this creates an amicable relationship that lets them know that there are no hard feelings. This also leaves the door open for more opportunities in the future. Another tip is to ask your interviewer for feedback on your resume and/or interview. Feedback is a great way to refine yourself and prepare even more for future interviews. 

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