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CAREER / 14 December 2016
Why Resumes Aren't Reliable + The Ultimate Giveaway
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Alexis Ang
Director of Marketing

The holidays are coming to a close and New Years resolutions are being made and re-made. This also means your next semester is right around the corner! Are you ready? You’ve started clearing off your desktop, organizing your bag, hanging a few new threads and scoping out every coffee shop and café near campus with free wi-fi. You’re now looking ahead and hoping for that dream internship or applying for your first “grown-up” job. But, how will you stand out from the flood of applicants? You might think sprucing up your resume is the answer, but companies are finding resumes unreliable. 

Top 2 reasons why resumes are unreliable to companies:

A resume is only as good as your creativity level. Any bloke from the street is able to plug in a few keywords and use the thesaurus to glam up his or her resume. Using the right keywords doesn’t necessarily set you a part from others as a result, because while it might (and there’s a small chance of this) get you to interview, it doesn’t give you any advantages over others in the interviewing process.

Let’s say you do finally get that interview. The main issue with a resume is it does not show you what the person can do. Recruiters are left to believe that whatever they read is true. Aside from the creativity that goes into creating resumes, they are essentially a summary of a candidate as a whole, and fail to show skill sets. 

Portfolios show off your Skills to Recruiters:

However, a portfolio showcases that you not only possess the skills and qualities companies are looking for, but you have actually executed real projects and produced results. ProSky helps accomplish this through our innovative approach to learning and projectships. At ProSky we’ve created the perfect training series and stacked it with some of the best mentors in the business along with real projects from reputable companies. As a ProSky “trainee” you’ll develop invaluable skills in high demand jobs such as, Digital MarketingSalesSEOProgramming, and more all from the comfort of your own space. 

This isn’t your normal internship of making copies, mastering a coffee order or perfecting your penmanship by taking notes in meetings. ProSky enables you to collaborate and thrive by working in teams and working closely with your mentors on projects. Oh! Did we mention these “projects” are real projects from actual companies who utilize ProSky as a recruiting tool? After your successfully completing an impressive project you’ll be at the top of the company’s recruiting list. 

Would a giveaway make this deal even sweeter? We’ve partnered with Her Campus for a giveaway! Three talented collegiates will have the opportunity to win an internship of their choice, ranging between SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Internships are completed online which means you get to do them whenever, wherever. With new projects and courses added each month, you’ll be sure to find the series that suits you best! 

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