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NO CATEGORY / 14 December 2016
Take a Lesson From the Fashion Police when Working in the Office
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Tim Elkana

We live in a world where elementary school teachers preach the importance of not judging books by their covers. Unfortunately, guessing the quality of The Little Train That Could by its torn cover isn’t the same as judging a prospective employee by his/her stained shirt. Welcome to the real world, where your dirty hoodie and ripped pants are the visual equivalent of a "please don’t hire me" sign. As superficial as it sounds, appearance matters. If you want to wow future employers, recruiters, and professionals, wear your best personality on your sleeve. Literally. 

This means adapt your clothes to the situation you’re facing. Why? Well, the clothing you wear translates to your attitudes, personality, and values. Wear basketball shorts + snapback and you’ll be easygoing, casual Jimmy; perfect for an interview with Snapchat. Wear a cardigan + skinny jeans and you’ll be hipster, dressy Bobby. That’s a Pinterest-interview style. Which means...

If you want to be seen as a leader, dress like a leader.

Showcasing your confidence through clothing is great. If you want tips on how to dress more confidently, consider this post by Lifehack. Matching your style to the culture of the company you’re interviewing with is better. But if your personality can’t match up to your looks, you’re going to get nowhere. Lucky for you, dressing well also provides real internal confidence. 

In an experiment by The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, students were given a white coat to wear. Half of them were told it was a doctor’s coat, the other half a painter’s coat. The "doctors" were more attentive and demonstrated improved senses over the "painters". It’s pretty crazy, but what you wear on the outside really does impact how you think on the inside. Which means...

If you want to think like a leader, dress like a leader.

You don’t have to rock the looks of a model to be influential and meet people. Just act your best, think your best, and wear your best. 

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