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CAREER / 14 December 2016
Your Digital Profile: Getting Yourself Noticed
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Erwin Cuison
Branding Intern

Are you checking Facebook every couple hours to check out what your friends are doing?  Checking Instagram every day to see your friends' latest travels or food ventures?  Using LinkedIn to search out potential opportunities and expand your network?  Whether you're checking in to your favorite restaurant on Facebook or giving your friends a tour throughout your day on Snapchat, it's important to remember one thing: everything you do online impacts your digital footprint.  Professionally-oriented individuals like you and I should be aware that every post, like, and share tells a little something about yourself.  In short, social media is your cyber profile- your digital footprint.  Below are some tips to keep yourself noticeable, relevant, and interesting on social media.

1.) Divide and Conquer


Remember, ALL PLATFORMS ARE YOUR FRIENDS!  Staying on as many social media platforms as possible (i.e.: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) is a great way to utilize your entire digital network.  But remember, use different sites for different purposes. 

- Want to share your travels, food adventures, or photography skills with your friends?  Post a pic on Instagram!

- Do you follow any celebrities?  Or maybe your favorite artists or bands?  Maybe you just want to spread a quick message to your friends?  Tweet about it on Twitter!

-Checking in to your favorite restaurant?  Or did you find an interesting article you would like to share?  Post or share it on Facebook!

- Are you trying to get your name out there in the professional world or are you looking to expand your professional network?  Create a LinkedIn profile and show off your skills to potential employers!  (Yes, LinkedIn isn’t technically a social media website, but having an account is still a very useful self-marketing tool!)


2.) Censorship!


We’re all grown-ups here.  Let’s agree to keep everything PG, yea?  Your mother wouldn’t want you to see you using foul language online, and neither would anyone else.  For many people nowadays, social media is an important tool used for meeting others.  Let’s take a potential employer, for instance.  You walk in to your interview, nail it, and wait the next day for the person who interviewed you to call and give you the offer.  The night comes and still no phone call.  Turns out, the recruiter who was just about to offer you a job saw pictures of you on Facebook getting drunk and writing inappropriate posts.  That’s one opportunity thrown away.  Now you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you? 


3.) Network, Network, Network!


In the professional world, knowing people means so much more than having a certain skil set listed on your resume.  Sure, you may have some computer programming skills or a lot of project management experience, but nowadays, “knowing a guy who knows a guy” is much more valuable.  Social media is exactly what it sounds like it is- social.  Thus, we as people need to use it to socialize!  When you meet your boss at your new job, for example, don’t be afraid to break the ice and get to know them better on a more personal level.  Add them on Facebook, go on a coffee date with them, take them out to lunch!  More important than being your boss or colleague, these people can be your friends.  Why is this so important?

1.)Relationships go a long way, and maintaining that positive relationship with the people you work with is a good practice to have so that you can leave on good terms (if and when you do).

2.)   Doing your job at the place where you work doesn’t tell anyone much about yourself.  After getting to know you better, your boss, colleague, or fellow intern might know someone who they could hook you up with for a future opportunity!

4.) Market Yourself!



There is no shame in showing off online!  As I mentioned earlier, social media is a great opportunity for you to gain some exposure to potential connections. 

Possible things you could link to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media site:

-Your blog posts

-Your YouTube videos

-Links to your portfolio

-Your website

-Projects you’ve been working on

The amount and types of content you are able to post online are infinite; make yourself look like a king or queen!  There’s no shame in showing off your skills!


And there you have it.  Now, I challenge you to go through all your social media profiles and see what there is you could possibly improve.  Remember there is no filter on what you do or say online.  So when it comes to social media, make sure to use it, meet some new people, and show yourself off for the best experience possible!