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Get better hires and increase employee retention and effectiveness through pathways. Pathways allow you to organize your succession planning in the organization. Create pathways for every job in your company and place every employee on a pathway.

Company Branding

Interactive Company Brand Page, Job Posting, Social Share.

Evaluate Real-time

Engage candidates or employees in team or individual projects through ProSky's Desk. Collaborate, monitor, evaluate and give feedback real-time.

Projects and Challenges

Evaluate candidates individually or in teams through short projects or timed challenges. See candidates’ project collaboration real-time and offer feedback and mentoring to improve company branding.


Real-time Messaging, Video Chats, Email Sync, Email Templates and Schedule-Outs, @mention Notes.


Calendar integration with Google and Outlook. Multi-participant event scheduling, intelligent timezones.


Offer Letters, Electronic Signatures, Feedback for Offer Declines.

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