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Front-to-End Solution

The first full-stack solution to hiring and organization talent development - all on one comprehensive platform.


One-click job-postings to see candidates automatically fill your pipeline. Evaluate for real skill-sets and culture fit through interactive challenges and video interviews. Seamlessly move the candidates through each stage.


Pathways allow you to organize succession planning in the organization. Create personalized pathways for every employee and role in your company. Evaluate your employee's growth and give them continuous feedback


Job Board Distribution, Careers and Company Culture page, Real-time Messaging, Video Chats, 2-way Email Sync, Email Templates and Easy Interview Scheduling, Multi-participant Scheduling, Intelligent Timezones, Feedback.


Create highly customizable yet interactive evaluation challenges and projects for both candidates and employees. Set Goals and KPIs for your employees. Check in with your employees with constructive feedback. Peer and Manager reviews. Gamified badging system to reward your employees.


Offer Letters, Electronic Signatures, Offer Declines Tracking, Document Requests, Training.


Create an in-house mentoring program for your employees.

Internship Program

Develop a year-round internship program with collaboration tools, mentoring, evaluations, and feedback.

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