June 19, 2019
Company Culture 21 September 2016
3 Reasons Why Evaluating Candidates Affects Company Culture
Gisel Malek
Improving company culture,

Culture is your company’s DNA. When it comes to sourcing and hiring new candidates, the entire process from start to finish speaks to the culture of your organization. 

Hiring someone new can affect the productivity of the team members you already have at your company. That’s why when considering your entire onboarding process as a whole, you need to keep culture in the back of your mind. Evaluating candidates based on their skill sets and what they can actually do for you will help you know how they fit in with your Company's Pathways, and will prevent a lot of future headache for you as a recruiter or hiring manager. 

Top 3 Ways Evaluating Job Candidates Can Help To Improve Your Company Culture:

1. Increase Retention

When evaluating candidates based on skill set (both behavioral and technical), you are essentially seeing with your own eyes what the candidate is capable of doing before bringing them on board. You will see if they have sales skills or if they really know all about MEAN stack. 

Employee misalignment and lack of coaching made this list of biggest reasons for high employee turnovers. Through projects and challenges, you can see over a few weeks time if the candidate is a good fit which means, and also if they are someone you want to go out and grab coffee with. 

You will also learn if they are coachable through the mentoring aspect of performance-based hiring. Being coachable and adaptable are important soft skills to have and will be easily detectable through mentoring.

2. Promote Diversity

Many companies have an issue with being able to hire diverse candidates - they are not hiring diversely enough and are constantly looking for more ways to implement it. Hiring discrimination comes in all forms and most recently it can be found among millennials and iGens through colleges and universities. 

Most companies are under the impression that a good employee comes from a 1st tier university. While many great employees have come from them, companies tend to stick solely to them, which can cause companies to look at hiring through rosy colored lenses. Hiring from a pool of candidates that come from anywhere and are doing the same work can catch you by surprise, allow you to hire fairly and make hiring diverse individuals a lot easier. 

The best thing about NBC’s The Voice is that all the contestants have an opportunity to get picked to be on a celebrity’s team, solely judged on the sound of their voice - not what they look or dress like. This is the direction that HR needs to take with hiring and recruiting. 

3. Similar Work Habits

Having similar work habits is not something that many companies think about during the on-boarding process. They usually try to make sure the candidate will be an overall best fit, but they fail in thinking about what the day to day would look like once the individual gets hired. Having similar working habits is actually something that helps a company thrive. 

Everyone is different and will do things a little bit differently, but the important things should be remembered when bringing someone new. Setting goals and staying organized made this list of best workplace habits to form. 

Think about their communication styles - take note if they fail to communicate their concerns and questions. Think about if they thrive in open workspaces or not as they work on projects, allowing you to be in the driver’s seat, determining whether or not they will work out 1 year from now more effectively. 

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