June 24, 2019
Training and Development 10 March 2017
Why Traditional Employee Onboarding and Training Videos Fail
Kelly Nguyen
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Onboarding or training videos tend to be a fundamental piece in the hiring strategy for many companies when it comes to training employees (new and old). Typically, employers will force their workers to watch corporate training videos – whether it be for basic training, skills training, sexual harassment prevention training, safety training, and etc.  

But what if we told you that these videos aren’t actually as effective as they were initially thought to be?  

The basic idea is for the employee to watch a series of videos, absorb the content, and then apply what they’ve learned to the rest of their corporate career. It oftentimes is seen as a way to be more efficient because a video can train numberless employees and you don't have to pull any of your managers to do these processes. However, many corporate training videos fail to deliver the basic premise, and many employees quickly forget what they’ve learned. 

Curious to know why?  

Well, we’ve rounded up the top 5 reasons why traditional employee onboarding and training videos fail. Take a look: 

1. The video presentation is lacking in flair.
Sometimes, it’s all about presentation. Many corporate training videos incorporate professional, yet monotone voices and tones that can quickly cause a viewer to lose interest. When a viewer loses interest, the video automatically fails. 

Videos are like a movie. The delivery should be lively, and the actors should have great presentation skills that can keep a viewer watching. The voices should be consistent and should have plenty of character. A corporate training video that doesn’t incorporate these characteristics is sure to fall flat.

2. The videos lack creativity.
No one likes a boring video. In fact, most corporate training videos tend to be dull, tedious, and out-of-date. Most corporate training videos follow the same formula in terms of content and editing, which can be a turn-off for your employees.

A great training video should have good content. It should be informative but presented in a way that is fresh, new, and in a way that has never been seen before. To be successful, corporate training videos should incorporate things like comedy and storytelling, in order to appeal better to their audiences.

3. They’re too long in length.
One major complaint about corporate training videos is that they are just too long. Some videos can last over an hour. An hour long video with monotone voices and boring content is essentially asking for failure. 

A good video should be short, concise, and easy to watch.  The information should be delivered in a concise way that gets straight to the point. That way, it is also easier for the viewer to understand and absorb all of the information. The shorter the video the better it is for your audience.

4. They’re not engaging enough.
Unlike a live demonstration, a corporate training video is recorded and replayed over and over again. This is not engaging and can lead to boredom and monotony – which is why these training videos never succeed in properly instructing your viewers.

To make it better, employers can host live demonstrations. Or better yet, they can hire engaging and charismatic speakers to lead and give demonstrations. Watching a live show is always much more entertaining and engaging than watching a video. A professional speaker or guest can enhance the experience for your employees and get them engaged and more willing to listen to the lessons they need to learn.

5. They’re simply no fun.  

Let’s be real. Corporate training videos are simply no fun. They’ve been overused and outdated, to the point where many companies have started to get rid of corporate training videos for good. Instead, companies and corporate leaders are finding other ways to engage their employees – like with live demonstrations or team-building exercises. 

Company training videos can often be doomed to fail, if not done correctly. At Prosky, we work diligently with each client to help ensure that training videos and the candidate experience achieve success. We’ve taken great care in helping white-glove and even create training videos.  When the training interactions are successful they are always, lively, entertaining, engaging, and creative. We've seen the impact that it can make on your hiring and retention strategy. 

If you've been looking to step up your training initiatives or ensure a smoother onboarding for your new-hires schedule a demo and check out why our clients love our onboarding platform!