June 22, 2018
Training and Development 03 December 2016
Benefits of Gen Z in the workplace
Gisel Malek
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We asked nearly 200 students if they believe if their generation is more knowledgeable than the rest? This word cloud represents the most common answers from the students. An overwhelming “YES” seems to dominate the comment bubble from Gen Zers (born 1994-Present). The surrounding reasons are just as interesting: information, resources, access, learning, internet, and education are just a few of the mostly mentioned.

But, they’re forgetting a few things! There are many other reasons that make their smart approaches extremely valuable to any company.

Problem Solving Skills

In today’s fast-paced world, it is paramount that new employees can solve problems on their own. How many times do you hear, “come to me with a solution, not a problem”? It doesn’t matter what industry it is - employers want their team to feel empowered to make decisions when appropriate. These entrepreneurial-minded individuals take that same ambition to start something new on their own and apply it in the workplace. 

Working with Generation Z can lead to great ideas that will bring the company success and growth! 20% of all Generation Z wants to own their own business someday.  31% of Generation Z believes they will be managing employees in a corporate environment within the next 5 years. They want to learn and soak up all the information they can. They want to succeed and they will add tremendous value being the mindset that nothing comes easily. 

Generation Z have been considered to be more realistic than their predecessors (Gen Y). Working closely with them will benefit any company as their knowledge and curiosity will make for a determined employee. The approach they will have towards solving problems on their own will attract many recruiters and help them advance rapidly!

Training, Training, and more training!

Training must have evolved in some way because most generation Z will admit that training is essential to them in any organization. I remember when training meant some mandatory, seemingly pointless meeting or onboarding training video that furthered the agenda of the corporation. Basically, I don’t remember my colleagues nor I learning much ( I am a millennial). Gen Xers rebelled against them, Millennials went along with them, and now, Generation Z takes a completely different approach.

They are wise enough to know that the more skills they obtain, the better off they will be in their professional lives. They were around when trade schools were mentioned left and right and saw the value in not just having education, but having skills.  Read some testimonials from our students skilling up while still in college! 

Generation Zers are definitely on a path towards success, but they require training and support before they are put into management roles. According to the author of Bridging the soft skills gap,  Bruce Tulgan suggests that even though this generation will be able to fill the technology gap, they are not going to be able to fill the soft skills gap. No one is perfect and this eager and ambitious group needs to develop the following skills that Tulgan suggests are missing: rigorous evaluation, taking personal responsibility, and maintaining a positive attitude to name a few. 

Change is Welcomed

 It’s funny because many people can relate to it, many people except Generation Zers. Previous generations were traditionally more fearful of change. Change meant the possibility of losing their jobs and uncertainty all around. 

“I don’t like change!” - Stewie Griffin ( Family Guy) 

Change was rarely a good thing, but things are drastically different now. Change is at the forefront of every industry, mostly due to technology. Generation Z and change are like pita bread and Nutella. If you haven’t tried it, where have you been? The point is they expect it - they have seen the iPhone change 12 times in less than 10 years! Companies are looking for employees that see their vision and travel with them on their journey. Especially with start-ups, change is constant, so it's especially important to have team members that are willing to adapt to changing job descriptions amongst other things.

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