July 15, 2019
Hiring 17 November 2017
How to Hire Help if You’re Running a Micro Business
Paul Stanley
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As a small scale business owner, you may often find yourself specializing in a narrow product range that appeals only to a specific market. Whether this situation happens by chance or careful planning, you will need an extra hand in completing various tasks in running your small business projects from home.

In order to get the best out of the screening process, you will 
need the right candidate. In this case, you need to ask yourself some questions. Is the job related to your projects? This must come out clear for you to carry out the recruitment properly.

To help you attract and hire the right candidates into your small business enterprise, you will need to employ the following tricks.

Define the Position Clearly

What is the exact job offer on the table? What is the specific skill set needed? Most employers, especially small business owners, expect new employees to shoulder everything that isn’t being done currently. Do not be overambitious and expect too much from your employees.

Small business enterprises, especially the ones run at home, have a chance of growing into something bigger in future. 

For this reason, learn to appreciate the fact that new employees have the ability of learning and adapting to new tricks. It is more reasonable and manageable to acquire somebody with fewer skills, then train them to your required standards

By doing this, you will be to offer the right skill for your project, assess overtime, and have a reliable person you can grow the industry with.

In defining the type of skills the business needs, you may consider keeping a running list of all the tasks that should be completed. This will help you in coming up with a detailed job description by the time you are ready to recruit.

Fish Where the Big Fish Are

Who are the best candidates for your company? And where will they be hanging out? You need to figure out where the big fish are either virtually or physically. You may consider dropping by a woodwork shop display day to sieve out the best talents. After all, if you run a carpentry business and the candidates can’t tell a difference from orbital sanders to planers, you can clearly tell who’s the right pick. Or if you’re looking for an assistant for your small flower shop, someone who doesn’t have interest in flowers is probably not the best choice. 

If you need a technical talent, you may consider dropping by a demo or hackathon day. Trade shows may be the best options if you are looking for an individual to promote your sales activities.

Conferences are also a great avenue to attract various forms of talent. They offer you a great opportunity to pitch the business in a more creative and conversational way. You have a chance of expressing the main vision behind your company in a non-interview setting. 

You get an opportunity to sell your business organization by giving it a face and a voice among many intellectuals while attracting more employees at the same time.

Surprisingly, you might get many applications from such events that will help you select the best candidates for your home project.

Always Think of Hiring at Any Moment

You should start thinking of everyone you meet as a potential hire for your home business. Keep a pool of names of all individuals you come across in training programs and career events. The list might not be useful at this moment but who knows? Your company might grow as the need to hire at times may come up unexpectedly. 

With such a detailed list, you can easily tap into your database of potential candidates and reach out to them with new opportunities. This prevents you from going blindly into the recruitment process without any prospective candidates that will fit your needs.

During the hiring process, you will also meet numerous candidates that may not be fit for the current position you are advertising. This does not mean that such people will never find a position to occupy in your company. 

Be keen on saving all important details in a well-stored database system. They may not be fit for the current position now, but something new might come up within your organization where you may need such candidates.

Test Drive your Candidates

Though this may sound a bit expensive for you, it could be more expensive replacing someone after actually hiring them. Before you make any commitment, make sure it is worth it! 

Test the waters with a short-term contract to tell whether they will be good enough to handle the tasks at hand or not. Candidates might not be perfect at the beginning of their duties. 

However, a test drive or trial period will make it is easy to tell an individual who is ready to learn and committed to their work from a joker who is out to waste your valued time.

Setting Up Appropriate Work Space

It is important to set up a good place for your employee before work begins. The limited space in your home must be well divided to offer enough privacy between work and family. Employees may not want a place where their bosses can hear what they are saying on phone.

The bottom line is creating an enabling and working environment for your workers for them to deliver optimal results. You only breed discontent and exert more pressure on your workers if you fail to give them enough freedom for their operation.

You also need to establish a separate space for meetings. Try investing in a table that is big enough to accommodate your team for meetings. Constant meetings are very important for any business organizations. They will give constant feedback and updates on what needs to be done and what has to be corrected for the company to move forward. 

Finally, take bathroom facilities and other washroom areas into account. This should not be shared with your family as most people may not be comfortable with such an arrangement. Invest fully to offer the right working environment for your team to get the best out of them and achieve your intended vision.

I’m Paul from Woodwork Boss and as woodworking is my true passion. Besides being a crafting enthusiast, managing my little venture has taught me good lessons about hiring help and delegating tasks. I firmly believe that delegating is the key to achieving greater results and therefore I always try to help out fellow "micro business" owners so they could run their ventures successfully, whether it’s in the carpentry niche or outside of it.