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ProSky People Ops Giveaway
Gisel Malek
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Bouncers, lawyers, debt collectors, used-car salesmen....hiring managers? Wait, why are they on the same list as many disliked occupations? Hiring managers are among the most disliked people and according to this Forbes article, one of the main reasons why is that not all HR is created equal, and while there is good and bad in every profession, there is certainly a lot of misconceptions about the world of on-boarding new candidates. At the end of the day, those in people OPS help others build their careers, which is vital for the economy. But there are many myths about what it is that they do and we are here to set the record straight. 

ProSky aims to help hiring managers streamline their on-boarding by matching ready and willing candidates to their open positions and giving them an opportunity to evaluate candidates on both soft and hard skills in real time. 

To show thanks and appreciation for the work hiring managers do, we are hosting a GIVEAWAY! Knock Knock and Twelve South have partnered with us to provide amazing office essentials that say “thank you” in the best way!

Common Misconceptions About People OPS...

“Their job is to get me hired”

While many of us would like to believe that a hiring manager will do everything in her/his power to give every candidate the good news they seek, the truth is: their job is to find the right person for the role. Which means, their priorities lie in finding the best possible candidate for every position that they are required to fill. This usually requires them to go through a screening process, phone - interviews, in person interviews and at the end of all of that they end up saying no to A LOT of people before they finally say yes! That is not an easy job for anyone to do. 

“People are Dispensable”

It is common to fear that the only purpose of anyone in charge of hiring and cultivating company culture work solely for the company. The truth is, People OPS is a HR paradigm shift - a revolutionary breakthrough aiming to make HR about the people. As 60% of the labor force will be comprised of millennials by 2020, it has become more and more important that HR should change their focus to cater to the needs of tech savvy millennial workers. The transition has given a new voice to employees, so they don’t feel like HR doesn’t make a difference in their lives. People Ops is about everyone - employees and employers make no mistake about it!

“Tests don’t help hiring managers find better candidates”

Not testing candidates on soft and hard skills presents companies with much greater risks of turnover, attrition and can ultimately hurt their bottom line and company culture. Testing candidates is critical because it is important to know how the candidate will perform under certain pressures and job requirements. Through a test, a hiring manager can see how a person acts and if they will be a problem down the road if he or she is hired. Whenever someone is in the business of evaluating others to determine who is the best person for the job, it’s hard not to take it personal, but the next time you’re being evaluated for a position, realize they are simply doing their job.

With all the positive changes in the industry, it is important to point out that those in people Ops are still fighting the negative connotation of HR. People ops is more than just helping a business run smoothly, it’s about career building. They are the backbone of any organization as they truly understand their role in finding and retaining the people that will make a difference for their companies.  

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If you want to learn more about who we are, read why our Founder, Crystal Huang started ProSky and the solution she aims to provide to all hiring managers and companies.

People Ops Appreciation Giveaway