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Performance Management 06 December 2016
ProSky Thanks People Ops With A Chance to Win BIG
Gisel Malek
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We are recognizing recruiters, hiring managers and anyone who has ever dealt with hiring another person! We don’t think you hear “thank you” enough and are celebrating the work that you do with our ULTIMATE People OPS Appreciation Giveaway From Dec 5- Dec 9th!

We have partnered with Knock Knock, the “independent makers of clever gifts, books, office stuff - stationery store” to bring “humor, creativity and smarts to your every day” and with Twelve South, the creators of beautifully designed accessories exclusively for Apple computers to honor recruiters for this giveaway. 

We know how organization is key for the success of any recruiter, so these gifts can help make your jobs more seamless and your days a lot more productive!

Take a loot...

With over $200 in prizes, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on! 

One Lucky Winner will get the following:

Knock Knock Stuff

  1. Awesome people only Notepad Set (Awesome Citation + My Awesome Week PTP Mousepad)


  1.  Brain Dump Pad


  1. It’s All Good Sticky Note Packet


  1. To Do Great Big Sticky Notes


  1. Why You’re So Awesome FITL Journal


  1. Don’t Forget On & Off the Wall Chalkboard


  1. Days of the Week File Folders


  1. Fortune Dispenser


  1. In My Humble Opinion Inner-Truth Journal


  1. Send Some Thanks Fill In The Love PostCards


Twelve South 

  1. Hi Rise Deluxe (iPhone & iPad) 


Details of the entry:

This giveaway will run between Dec 5-Dec 9 and the winner will be announced on Dec 13. We will ship all prizes directly to the winner of the contest. All participants are required to follow a few rules (don’t worry - they’re fun!) and then will automatically will be entered to win. 

People Ops Appreciation Giveaway

Don’t miss your chance to win these amazing prizes! 

Mark your calendars, send yourself a text, whatever you have to do! You not only can win some amazing prizes that will make your 8 hour work day more pleasant, but have access to some hiring tips and solutions that will make your job a lot easier.