March 29, 2017
RECRUITMENT 02 December 2016
Why Candidates Need Mentors, Not Internships: An Infographic
Gisel Malek
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We surveyed nearly 200 students and asked them what they think companies value the most. We have included an infographic of our findings below. Nearly 40 percent agreed that experience is the most important thing that companies are looking for. 

For many who are just entering the workforce, their resumes are not overflowing with years of experience. This is where internships come in; candidates with internship experience are more likely to land a job post graduation than candidates without any. Not only are internships highly competitive, but more times than not, they do not provide the knowledge that young professionals seek in order to become well versed in their desired roles. 

Experience is not always created equal

Internship experience doesn’t always give you the opportunity to really be involved with the progress of a candidate because their aren't always good plans set in place to monitor their performance or development. Being a mentor for candidates that have learned the skills that you want them to have in your given industry, can give you an inside look into their behavioral skills and truly give you a glimpse of what they can do for you. Having access to those who have learned from industry professionals can help decrease your overall turnover rate. 

Mentorships are taking over!

You might be wondering what a mentorship actually is. Being a mentor to your employees is just as important as being a mentor to your applicants. The screening process of a candidate is reinvented through mentorships as they provide an opportunity for hiring managers to get involved with the evaluation process of a candidate through projects and challenges. Think of how much better the hiring experience will be for everyone when applicants and hiring managers can work together in real time to determine mutual fit? Mentorships are achieved by spending more time getting involved in the initial stages. When candidates come on board you can start providing mentorship at any stage of their career path. 

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