June 19, 2019
Hiring 26 May 2017
Why Candidates with Campus Org Experience make Amazing Hires
Julie Huang
campus organizations

So, you’ve posted an entry-level position and the applications are pouring in. It can get quite difficult to sift through every candidate and accurately determine who would make the “best” hire. Though there may not be the perfect formula to do this, there are some key factors every hiring manager should look for. 

You’ll get some Eager Beavers, the Nail Biters, some “Know-It-Alls,” and a handful of Golden Recruits. Something to keep in mind as you're going through the pile of applications - applicants who were (or are) a part of campus organizations make for better hires. Here are five reasons why:

They Have Great Leadership Skills
Let’s say an applicant held a position within their organization. They would have needed to publicly speak in front of their general members every week, lead in a group of 5 or more executive board members, plan events, effectively problem-solve, and interact with alumni, faculty, and staff members. Other 
great leadership skills include time management, organized, decision making, self-motivated, delegation, motivating others, excellent communication, and much more. All relevant skills that could easily be transferred as an employee for your business.

They're Exposed To a More Diverse Group of People and Know How to Network
Similar to any workplace, organizations are comprised of a very 
diverse group of individuals. These candidates would have faced interactions similar to the ones they would experience at the workplace. Similar to new employees needing to learn how to interact with current employees and managers or executives, they would have needed to learn how to engage with different types of people and be conscientious of how everyone responds and reacts to situations differently.

They Can Juggle Multiple Projects At Once
Being a part of any campus organization or extracurricular will require the student to be able to manage their duties as a member as well as their normal course load. It usually isn’t as easy as signing up for the organization. There are weekly meetings (multiple ones if they’re an executive member), basic membership requirements, fundraisers, retreats, conferences, and more. Pay attention to what roles they played within their organizations as well. Being the President or VP of Finance asks for a lot more compared to a general member of the organization as well.

They Have Experience Working On A Team
Organizations require every individual to take part in their team. I remember being a part of a community-service based campus organization where we had to complete a lengthy application, complete two interviews, and finally, get selected to be a part of one of their teams. After that, we had weekly meetings, quarterly community service trips, and conferences where we were taught and managed as one team. Each team member had equal weight in the decisions that were made and were required to take part in every event throughout the year.

You go on team retreats, have weekly team meetings to go over highlights and announcements, you socialize with other members of your organization, you carry equal responsibility… Does this all sound familiar?

They’re Active Members In Their Community
This one is simple. Not only are they taking the steps to educate themselves, they’re going above and beyond by sharing their knowledge with others and making an effort in being a vital part of their community. If they’re taking an active part in their college or organization, it’s a good sign they’ll transfer that to being an active employee. 

So why are candidates with campus org experience better hires? They already have or are building the characteristics hiring managers, like you, are looking for in a hiree. Not sold on the idea of hiring students in general? Read up on why they might just be your best hire yet. Or let us know if you’ve had any experience hiring candidates with campus org experience vs. ones without!