March 29, 2017
who to hire? , can't decide who to hire
RECRUITMENT 16 March 2017
Can’t Decide Who to Hire?
Dillon Chen
Hiring someone into your company is a difficult process. There are so many things to consider and probably many applicants to sift through. The choice becomes even harder when you finally narrow it down to two outstanding candidates. How do you choose?
bad hire, employee from hell, how to avoid bad hires, red flags
RECRUITMENT 09 March 2017
How to Avoid Hiring the Employee from Hell
Crystal Huang
It is not easy starting a company, running one, or managing people. Don’t wait for the right time to put an organized structure in place. It is never too early and never too late. Once that organizational structure is in place, you will be a happier manager because you will manage happy and productive employees.
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RECRUITMENT 14 February 2017
How to Find The Perfect Match Professionally
Alexis Ang
What if hiring was more like test driving cars or trying clothes on the fitting room. Only bringing home the one you love, that works for YOU? Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping you find the find the right person, you can set yourself up to find the perfect match every time. Creating pathways within your company will help set you up for success.
project manager, what does a project manager do
RECRUITMENT 08 February 2017
7 Skills Found in Successful Project Managers
Erica Hipp
Looking to fill a manager position? Your next project manager could be one your current employers! Whether you’re looking to hire from within or to find the right candidate, look for seven essential traits
Video chats in the hiring process will help you find the best talent out there.
RECRUITMENT 07 February 2017
5 Reasons Video Chats Help with Unbiased Hiring
Clare Barkey
Technology is constantly changing and creating new benefits. Here’s how utilizing video hiring will benefit you as a hiring manager.
evaluation, hiring, recruiting
RECRUITMENT 06 February 2017
Reduce Turnover with Real-Time Candidate Evaluation
Kelly Nguyen
When hiring and evaluating candidates, it’s important to understand that turnover rates can be high and often costly for businesses. Businesses typically spend a lot of money on posting job advertisements, conducting interviews, training, and etc., so turnover can be seen as a big loss for the company.
pathways, recruiting
RECRUITMENT 26 January 2017
The Art of Promotion - A Lesson from Netflix’s Hit Show “The Crown”
Gisel Malek
It is not always a black and white decision when it comes to choosing who you want to promote for a certain position. Often times, that decision comes pretty heavily as the question of “who deserves it most” comes up and have to choose between equally qualified people.
hiring engineers, recruiting software engineers
RECRUITMENT 02 February 2017
Building a Dev Team? Here’s Who Should Get Involved and How to Succeed
Gisel Malek
What does it take to create a team of highly sought after engineers working for you in a cohesive environment? That may be a mouthful, but it’s not impossible. In fact; it is very much in reach. So, how many departments does it take to hire the perfect engineer? The answer is more than you might have originally thought.
CHRO, recruiting, evaluating candidates
RECRUITMENT 23 January 2017
Why You Should Bridge the Gap between CHROs and Recruiters
Gisel Malek
The interview process for many recruiters can take several months just to get to a point where an offer letter might get extended to a candidate. Between phone screenings, video interviews, in person interviews, group interviews, and so on, it can easily take several weeks to complete.
tech skills, hiring, recruiting
RECRUITMENT 17 January 2017
Top 5 Tech Skills to Look for in 2017
Gisel Malek
Looking for tech skills in your new recruits? But not exactly sure what to look for? Look no further, because below is a list of the top 5 skills you should be requiring of your tech recruits in 2017
generations, millennials, job seekers, recruiting
RECRUITMENT 12 January 2017
Five Ways Gen Zers Will Add Value to Your Organization
Gisel Malek
So if you’re reading this you might be wondering, what group of people actually make up Generation Z? Technically, Gen Z comes after Millennials.
performance based hiring, evaluating candidates
RECRUITMENT 02 January 2017
The 4 Benefits of Evaluating Candidates in 2017
Gisel Malek
It’s the beginning of the year and you have all these positions available. So, you want to start the year off right and fill these positions with the most qualified candidates on the market.
soft skills, behavioral skills
RECRUITMENT 02 January 2017
Top 3 Soft Skills to Look for in 2017
Gisel Malek
It’s a new year and you’re looking for new team members! Soft skills have never been so important and talked about.
transparency, organizational behavior
RECRUITMENT 19 December 2016
Top 4 Ways to Build a More Transparent Company
Gisel Malek
Everyone is looking for more. Getting more, learning more and doing more! Everyone is also interested in better, too! Doing better, getting better and between “better” and “more,” it’s easy to forget how to maintain a good company culture.
RECRUITMENT 05 December 2016
Career Crush: Help Us Show Thanks to People Ops Professionals
Gisel Malek
People Ops Appreciation will begin in JUST 3 DAYS! So, if you have ever hired someone before, we encourage you to share this giveaway with your friends and colleagues. The more you share, the more entries you will get to win. Check out the details below for how to enter and win!
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RECRUITMENT 02 December 2016
Why Candidates Need Mentors, Not Internships: An Infographic
Gisel Malek
We surveyed nearly 200 students and asked them what they think companies value the most. We have included an infographic of our findings below. Nearly 40 percent agreed that experience is the most important thing that companies are looking for.
talent acquisition
RECRUITMENT 07 November 2016
Top 10 Ways Recruiting Has Changed from Talent Acquisition to Talent Destroyer
Tracy Tedesco
Recruiters used to be more like Matchmakers. They got excited when meeting a good candidate and finding the best job for them. They’d go the extra mile to find the magical match.
interview questions, recruiters, interviewing candidates, gaining control of the interview
RECRUITMENT 14 October 2016
Top 4 Characteristics of a Great Job Interviewer
Gisel Malek
When you ask the right questions, you get what you need. Plain and simple. That’s the simple part.
company culture, employee retention, talent, growth, learning, employee relations,
RECRUITMENT 20 September 2016
5 Ways your Recruiting Team can Stay Competitive with Talent
Gisel Malek
What is your new job candidate’s expectation of the workplace? How can you stay competitive and gain the competitive edge? Well, we surveyed hundreds of candidates asking them what is important to them.
video conferencing, tools, soft skills, interactions, interviews,
RECRUITMENT 14 September 2016
The Benefits of Video Conferencing - A Mood Board
Gisel Malek
Having the ability to use video conferencing for recruiting means eliminating geographic challenges, increasing your candidate pool and fostering greater interaction between the candidate and recruiter.
interactions, interviews are ineffective, recruiting, company culture
RECRUITMENT 20 September 2016
Interactions: 1 Interviews: 0
Gisel Malek
Interactions are defined as “reciprocal action or influence.” In scientific terms, an interaction is “a particular way in which matter, fields, and atomic and subatomic particles affect one another, e.g., through gravitation or electromagnetism.
hiring with resumes, resumes aren't effective, relying on resumes, recruiting
RECRUITMENT 20 September 2016
3 Helpful Tips to Reframe your Interview Questions
Gisel Malek
We surveyed nearly 200 candidates about what part of the interview process concerns them the most; there was an overwhelming response of “questions” in some form.
hiring with resumes, resumes aren't effective, relying on resumes, recruiting
RECRUITMENT 09 September 2016
Top 3 Ways You are Still Relying on Resumes
Gisel Malek
It has been said that you, as a recruiter, spends an average of 6.50 seconds going through a resume, and for the most part in the following order:
recruiting, relying on resumes, resumes don't work, applicants
RECRUITMENT 18 November 2016
The Dated Resume
Gisel Malek
Resumes are old news! So, why are you still relying on one? More and more companies are agreeing that behavioral skills are paramount to the hiring process while technical skills are required to be shown before hire.
unqualified candidates, inefficient sourcing, investing into candidates, conversations instead of interviews
RECRUITMENT 20 September 2016
Recruiter, You Invited Me Here. That's a Good Sign, Right?
Gisel Malek
After asking nearly 300 students what their perception of what a recruiter does, the most common answer, in some form, was “help get a job.” There is a definite disconnect between what recruiters do and what students think they do.

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