Trainings Programs

Train marketing

Learn how to drive revenue by using new tactics and platforms to market products and acquire users

Train sales
B2B Sales

Learn how to find and close new clients while increasing revenue for companies

Train coding

Learn how to create sleek web pages, manipulate databases and power machines

Train product management
Product Management

Learn how to analyze markets, lay out a product vision that delivers unique value based on customer demands and ensure teams execute on the product vision.

Top Careers and Skills in Marketing

Marketers help to drive revenue by using cutting-edge tactics and platforms to market products and acquire users. Learn how to become a driver of growth to companies by getting certified with any of ProSky’s Digital Marketing Training Programs.

Social media

Social Media Strategist


per year


Craft a killer social strategy for brands and ensure the goals of the business are met. You’ll work with marketing teams to achieve goals, acquire new users through planning and increased engagement. Understand and create relevant messaging to the right audience through social media. Manage day to day activities of social media accounts as well as create and deliver content. You’ll work closely with the advertising and marketing departments to ensure tone is kept consistent. You’ll also coordinate new product launches, contests and giveaways.


SEO Specialist


per year


An SEO Specialist analyzes, reviews and executes changes to websites. You’ll help companies to increase page rankings, expand their customer base, increase rank on search engines and improve the quality of their pages. Strong problem solving and decision making skills, ability to multi-task and prioritizing are necessary. Work closely with marketing teams to develop relevant and engaging content. Keywords, keyword strategy, linking and helping create a better content experience for the user are all important job responsibilities of an SEO Specialists


SEM Manager


per year


As an SEM Manager you will develop recommendations to increase paid search revenue and profit while managing and executing paid search campaigns. SEM managers have an expert understanding of basic SEO and how sites like Google rank pages and integrate understandings in strategies. SEM Managers use data to develop strategies for ads, bids, landing pages, write and test ad copy and reporting.

Content marketing

Content Marketing Manager


per year


Content Marketing Managers create and oversee content strategies to implement comprehensive content delivery plans. You will work on social media, blog posts, websites etc. and work closely with the sales and marketing team. As a Content Marketing Manager you will collaborate across all departments to deliver effective content marketing strategy and editorial plan to meet business objectives. You will understand basic practices of social media channels and develop and manage editorial calendars and organize workflows for content distribution of all digital hubs and supporting social channels.

Growth hacker

Growth Hacker


per year


Growth Hackers are informed by growth. Every tactic, strategy and initiative is focused around growth. Skills needed by growth hackers include: testing persuasive copy, SEO, email marketing and other strategies to achieve rapid growth and user base. SEO techniques, website analytics, content marketing and A/B testing are tools in every growth hacker’s toolbox. Growth hackers start validating ideas at every stage with user testing, wireframes and sketches at coffee shop instead of a corporate usability lab.

Top Careers and Skills in B2B Sales

Sales is the leading generator of revenue for companies. Business-to-business sales (B2B) is an art. Learn the cutting-edge technology used to acquire and win new clients. Get certified with any of ProSky’s Sales Training Programs and begin your career in sales.


B2B Sales Development Rep


per year


A B2B Sales Development Rep, or an SDR, is an inside sales rep who solely focuses on outbound prospecting. Sales development representatives focus on moving leads through the pipeline to enable closers to close the deal. They are in high demand and use marketing and sales tactics to qualify leads. SDRs have a deep understanding and knowledge of products, are great listeners, creative-minded and process oriented. Sales is extremely rewarding and great for self-driven incentivized individuals. Sales also provides a great, flexible career path with growth opportunity. It’s currently one of the most in-demand careers.


B2B Account Executive


per year


Account Executives or AE’s work closely with SDRs and the sales team to close deals. Once the SDR has qualified a lead, it’s up to the AE to run the product demo and ultimately, win the client’s business. The AE may do research to gain prospective clients and some cold calling when necessary, but primarily makes targeted pitches of the product and services that will fulfill the unique need of each client. After the transaction has been carried out, the AE may work closely with customer success to ensure client satisfaction and maintain a healthy relationship to encourage future purchases.

Customer success

Customer Success Manager


per year


Customer Success Managers are focused and responsible for customer-retention. They do whatever they can to ensure that current customers are satisfied with their products or services. They are people oriented with work based on relationship-building, strong communication and great leadership skills. Customer Success Managers are the customer’s advocate to the company’s uppers management and the first line of defense when issues arise. They are proactive and efficient when handling customer concerns or finding creative, new ways to prevent issues from reoccurring

Top Careers and Skills in Coding

Learn tech’s most in-demand skills, like: JavaScript, HTML, MEAN and build a portfolio of real products. Software engineering is becoming one of the most versatile careers in the industry. Get certified with any of ProSky’s Coding Training Programs. The best part is you can learn to code from the comfort of your sweats while you finish school or while you continue making money at your job.

Front end

Front-End Development


per year


Front-End Developers have an eye for design and a knack for the web. They deal with everything a user sees. They develop the client-side of web applications. How the user sees and interacts with the application. Some of the top skills needed as a front-end developer include: JavaScript, CSS and HTML. They work closely with the backend development team to ensure the data coming from the backend is being displayed on the browser.


MEAN Stack Developer


per year


Learn the hottest programming stack that has become the leading choice of many silicon valley companies and start-ups. Understand the technologies that make up the MEAN Stack and showcase your talent through a project for prospective employers.

Ui ux

UI/UX Designer


per year


UX designers are primarily focused with how the product feels and how easily the user is experiencing the product.
UI / UX designers explore many different approaches to solve a problem. UX designers works closely to design and create wireframes for products and workflows of the user.
They are also responsible for developing and testing prototypes to find out if product is used as intended. UX designers work closely with development teams to make set goals for users. In summary, UX is the concept which maps the interaction between users and systems. By focusing on seamless interaction and intuitive design, a UX/UI designer is able to focus on human outcomes to help design to drive product engagement.

Top Careers and Skills in Product Management

Product Managers discover products that are valuable, usable and feasible then work to optimise the product in order to maximize ROI. Learn the strategic and tactical skills needed to become a Product Manager. Get certified with ProSky’s Product Management Training Program and begin your career in Product Management.

Product m

Product Manager


per year


Product Managers are responsible for a product from the point of inception to the complete execution and go-to market of the product. Product Managers are responsible for defining the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘when’ of a product. Product managers are responsible for the healthy functioning of the core technology, connecting users with the technology, and connecting users with the business. It is the only role, other than the CEO, that allows an individual to intensely focus on and touch all realms of a business.
Product Managers accomplish this by analyzing markets and laying out a product vision that is differentiated and delivers unique value based on customer demands. Product Managers’ activities span from strategic to tactical and ultimately provide cross-functional leadership which in turn, bridge gaps within the company between different functions.